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Twitter Ads Management Services Agency

Twitter Ads Management Services Agency More than a year has passed since Twitter Ads also land in Italy. What is it about? Twitter Ads is a service that allows companies and freelancers with a Twitter account to advertise online and plan web marketing campaigns; a target tool for those who want to promote their brand online and build a strong and lasting corporate identity. The mechanism is similar to that already in use for several years for Facebook and Google and is based on the creation of paid ads according to a budget set by the advertiser. How do you make the most of your investment? In this article, we will try to provide you with some useful advice about it.

How to maximize a Twitter Ads campaign

Twitter also in the case of Twitter Ads it is possible to monitor the progress of the campaigns and verify the appreciation of users for specific tweets and the company account. Analytics, therefore, help to understand the effective effectiveness of a social campaign and, based on the results obtained, to implement new promotional strategies aimed at maximizing the advertising investment. The optimization of a Twitter Ads campaign passes in particular through the reduction of the CPF, or the cost for each new follower acquired. How can CPF be reduced? We have identified 4 possible factors that can be leveraged.

4 factors for the reduction of CPF in Twitter Ads

From the point of view of targeting we advise you, on the one hand, to focus on a few keywords, but well-target and specific, and, on the other, to add usernames of similar profiles among competitors, influencers, and sector magazines, and accounts of particular interest. However, care must be taken not to restrict the target excessively with the risk of not winning the auction with direct competitors.

Create short ads (sponsored tweets) and possibly without hashtags, mentions, or links that can distract the user. On the contrary, opt for a strong call to action and content capable of generating contingent interest such as particular promotions linked to seasonality (for example Christmas promotions).

Set up multiple creative ads for the same target and check through Analytics which of them works best. In this sense, we advise you to create well-target and specific ads for the target you are targeting.

The optimization of a Twitter Ads Management Services Agency campaign also involves the use of Dashboard Campaigns, another very useful monitoring tool that can help you compare the results obtained with the different ads.

In any case, we always recommend that you contact professional social media specialists who can better manage your online campaigns and act consciously on the various optimization factors.

Sponsored Tweets:

promote tweets to your followers and everyone, increasing your audience. Targeting can be done by interests and users similar to ours, or by keywords in real-time. The cost is per interaction (click, retweet, favorite, reply). There are also in-search tweets, it works mainly on keywords and the cost is always CPE.

Sponsored Trend:

Increase awareness, generate conversations, and promote events or new offers. Wiped at the country level, the cost is very high: 5,000 euros for 24 hours with approximately 3.5 million views.

It is reiterated how important it is to take care of the graphic aspect of the profile and the information entered within it. For advertisers, it is also possible to have the account verified.


Structuring a three-phase strategy: growth, development, and extension. Create a critical mass of Followers with promoted accounts, then move on to tweets promoted in timelines and then in-search. Remember that Twitter is not a separate channel but should be used in a broad-based marketing policy.

Exclusive content tactics:

More than 50% of users follow brands to get promotional and exclusive content.
Tactics of contests with sponsor tweets: motivate followers to increase the exposure of your message.

Flock to unlock:

activity in which the Brand asks to do something on Twitter… when a certain number of interactions are reached, an offer will be unlocked.

“We recommend about 3/4 tweets per campaign, to be reposted at least every 7 days (the age of the tweet affects the quality score negatively)”

It is not possible to start advertising on Twitter independently and the minimum initial investment is 5000 euros per month for three months.
Honestly, the initial investment is too high for small and medium-sized enterprises, we hope they will hurry up to open this social network to those with smaller budgets because the advantages are many… we await further developments!

Twitter Advertising allows companies to amplify their message on the platform. Use Sponsored Accounts to build an active community of influential followers in your industry who could become potential brand ambassadors. If you want to further expand the reach of your communication, try the Sponsored Tweets that allow you to spread the message reaching even accounts that do not yet follow you, selected thanks to a wide variety of options for defining the target.


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