Cartoon Cupcake : Make Your Kids Smile with Cartoon Cupcakes

cartoon cupcake

A cartoon cupcake is a must-have for your kids during party time. Do you know why? It is because nothing screams party time like cupcakes. It is a sweet treat that is delicious for those who like cakes. Never let your children feel left out because you didn’t provide cupcakes that are designed uniquely. You can learn how to make cupcakes yourself from this article.

What is a Cartoon Cupcake?

A cartoon cupcake is a small-sized, delicious cake made in the form of a cartoon for little children. The cake is not large, hence can be easily carried from one place to another. It is also ideal for children who are undergoing food portion control. A Cartoon cupcake is made from a normal cake mixture. However, the difference is that the cake mixture is poured into a baking tin that is shaped like a cup.

How Do You Prepare A Dinosaur Cupcake?

There are different recipes you can follow to make a good dinosaur cupcake. It all depends on what you like. For instance, some people add chocolate to their recipe while some add milk.

Another example is the different types of cupcake decorations you want. Some people use vanilla or icing sugar to decorate their cupcakes. That means vanilla or icing sugar will be part of the cupcake recipe.

Why are Mickey Mouse Cupcakes different from Normal Cakes?

You prepare Mickey Mouse cupcakes the way you prepare normal cakes. However, the texture of cupcakes is different from the texture of normal cakes. You will also put the batter inside Mickey Mouse-shaped cupcake tins so that the cupcakes will take the Mickey Mouse shape after baking.

Where Does Cupcake Originate From?

Cupcakes originated in the 1700s. Then, the cake mixture was put in cups and baked in a traditional oven. Nowadays, people use a modern baking tin and oven for baking cupcakes. Furthermore, cupcakes have evolved and have different varieties people can choose from. You can find recipes for making simple cupcakes and recipes for making complicated or delicate cupcakes online.

In this century, many people have started baking cupcakes as a way to earn extra income. Cupcakes are also sold in dessert shops and restaurants.

How to Bake Pokemon Cupcakes

This article will show you a simple method of making Pokemon cupcakes from scratch.


  • Butter – 500 grams
  • Sugar – 500 grams
  • Self-raising flour – 500 grams
  • 8 eggs, medium-sized
  • 8 tablespoons of milk


  • Pokemon-shaped cupcake tins
  • Line cupcake tins with the paper used for this purpose.

Method of Preparing Cupcakes

  • Prepare the oven by preheating at a temperature of 180C.
  • Arrange the cupcake tins on a muffin tray.
  • Mix sugar and butter thoroughly in a mixing bowl. If the mixture is thick, continue to mix until the mixture turns fluffy.
  • Gradually add milk, egg, and flour to the sugar and butter mixture. Mix again to get a smooth batter. 
  • Scoop out the batter with a scooping spoon inside each cupcake cake on the muffin tray evenly. 
  • When you are done putting all the cupcake batter in the Pokemon cupcake tins, place the tray inside the preheated oven.
  • Leave it for fifteen minutes, flip the cupcake tins to the other side, and then bake for another 5 minutes. This will ensure that both sides of the cupcakes are nicely done. A golden color will appear on both sides of the cupcakes to show that the cakes are made.
  • Bring out the muffin tray containing the cupcake tins from the oven.
  • Let the tray cool down for a while. After cooling the tray down, remove the cupcake tins from the tray and put them on cooling racks. Let the tins cool down until they are no longer hot.
  • Start decorating once the cakes are cool to the touch.

How to Make Spiderman Cupcakes

Follow the Pokemon cupcake recipe above to make spiderman cupcakes. However, instead of using pokemon shaped cupcake tins, use spiderman shaped cupcake tins.

Custom Cupcakes Baking Tips To Achieve A Thick Texture

  • Ensure that the custom cupcakes have a thick texture when mixing. This will determine how it will turn out after you put it in the oven. A thick cupcake has a round top when you put it in the oven. If it is too thick, the top will crack and the middle and bottom layer of the cake will be raw.
  • Never leave the cupcakes inside the oven for long periods.
  • Always bake a cake at a low temperature; Otherwise, the cake will be overcooked and will burn quickly.
  • Let the batter be of the same size as the cupcake tins, otherwise, the cupcake batter may overflow inside the tins.
  • Glaze each cartoon cupcake after you are done baking to give them a unique taste and outlook.
  • If you are baking large quantities of cupcakes, take time to mix the batter thoroughly.

To cap it all, decorate each cartoon cupcake with your children’s favorite color. They will appreciate it more and always remember this gesture.

If you have cupcake recipes that you would like to pass down to us, please forward them to us. We would gladly accept your guest post.


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