Explain Various Types of Video Screens for Events

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Video screens have turned out to be progressively significant for occasions in light of the fact that these screens become well known because of their expanding moderateness and ability. On the off chance that you need to organize your occasion in a marvelous manner, you should choose Video Equipment Rental services that will give you the best thoughts and apparatuses as indicated by the necessities of your occasion.

Here are the five most popular video screens that are presently utilized in occasions, which are as per the following:

Plasma Screen: 

‘Plasma Screen’ is one of those expressions that has ended up being regular and insinuates practically any level video screen. Plasma has turned out to be one of the primary video screens that comprehensively available. By and large, most screens more than 40″ discharged before 2012 were most apparently plasma. From 2013 onwards, plasma has ended up being dynamically uncommon as LCD/LED is progressively outstanding.

Plasma Screen


  • Exceptionally unsurprising picture quality over the whole screen
  • Indeed, even luminance over the whole screen


  • Heavier than LCD
  • More sensitive than LCD on account of glass sheets
  • ‘Devouring’ where a comparable picture seemed noteworthy parcel is forever expended into the screen

LED Screen: 

Driven (Light Emitting Diode) can be seen as a light source like a light to build up a fundamental understanding. Hire a company that deliver the best Video Equipment Rental services. Driven Screens are contained various red, green and blue LEDs. Exactly when controlled separately these edge ‘pixels’ which are the principal building squares of any advanced picture. At times the red, green and blue LEDs are discrete and are used in a ‘tri-concealing’ course of action whereby the individual hues can’t be perceived. Driven screens are regularly seen as computerized boards, wherever outside occasions and in arenas.


  • For the most part, these are the principle arrangement that reasonable for huge screens or for outside use.


  • By and huge pricey (albeit diminishing in expense).
  • For the most part, cut down objectives than Plasma or LCD (despite the fact that at time of printing 3mm pixel pitch screens are getting the chance to be open).
  • By and huge heavier than LCD.
  • The risk of ‘dead pixels’ the spot a pixel stops working which can wreck the effect of the entire screen.


LCD represents a fluid precious stone showcase and is the innovation seen on cutting edge wristwatches and most PDA screens and practically all PC screens. Continuously LCD screens have pushed toward getting to be implied as ‘LCD/LED’ or just ‘LCD’ screens. Driven is used as the light source to illuminate the Liquid Crystal Display. Fluid Crystal doesn’t transmit light normally so requires a light source behind it.


  • Lightweight
  • Not so Costly
  • Bright


  • Uneven brilliance transversely over the edge (anyway just to the practiced watcher)


Projectors currently become the most well-known the most broadly utilized video content at occasions. These work by the shimmering light of the video picture onto a surface which would then have the option to see by a crowd of people. The most generally perceived instance of projection is at a film. This is a very typical technique for substance movement as more often than not astoundingly simple to set up; a lone projector can be associated and pointed at a surface. Despite whether this is for a little acquaintance straight up with greater excitement services, this can be snappier and more dominant than raising LED video dividers or video screen dividers. Projector for the most part utilized in films.


  • Single unit to set up and contraption.
  • Cost-Effective at for all intents and purposes of all sizes.
  • Insignificant assistance and structure required.
  • Can broaden onto existing surfaces, for instance, dividers and structures.


  • Limited splendour
  • The prerequisite for low light measurements in rooms where they are used.
  • Reliable for just low light levels in rooms. AV-Productions the best platform for you that guide you best regarding the video equipment.

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