How to get the Work Visa of Dubai in 2020?

dubai work visa 2020

If you are a foreigner who desires to work visa in Dubai 2020, a work permit (popularly referred to as a labor card) is required. A country where expatriates are more than the Emiratis, Dubai is home to many different countries and if you are planning to long term employment in this country, you are in the right place. Either you are a expatriates or you are applying outside the country, the good news is securing a work Visa in Dubai 2020 is simple and straightforward. How to get the work visa of Dubai in 2020? Royal migration Dubai have received countless emails regarding this. If this is a question that has been on the top of your mind, here is a detailed breakdown of how to get a work visa in Dubai.

It can be in 2 ways:

A foreigner who has already been employed by any companies in Dubai

An expatriate on tourist or visit visa who desires to work in Dubai

While some of the processes will start in the applicant’s home country, others will be completed upon arrival in UAE. here are is a walk down of the whole process:

Apply for jobs in Dubai

This is the first process to undergo before someone can be granted a work permit in Dubai. The applicant must have procured employment with any company in UAE. The internet is full of postings of companies in Dubai in need of talents around the globe. Securing employment is not at all difficult. While it is better to search in your home country,  it is not unheard of that foreigners travel to UAE first to search for employment there. Some comes on the basis of tourist visa and search for employment while in the country.

Starts the UAE work permit process

After you have secured a job in Dubai, your employer or organization that has hired you start the initial process of procurement of work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). This process takes about ten days and after that, the MoHRE will then send you an employment entry permit that is valid for 2 months from the date of issue. It can be extended twice until the formal work permit is granted.

Documentation and paperwork

Upon arrival in UAE, your employer helps you with the documentation and the submission of the necessary documentation. This may include a valid passport with a minimum six months validity, passport size photos, job offers, employer’s license, education certificates and the two months entry visa. Your employer will also help with the completion of the whole process

Completion of the work permit process

Your sponsoring company or employer helps with the completion of the process which will include medical testing formalities, Emirates ID application, Labour card and stamping of residence visa on the passport within 60 days.

After the completion fo the application, the employee can sponsor his/her family and bring them to Dubai.

For an expatriate who is on tourist or visit visa and wants to obtain a work permit. Here are the points to note:

It is important to know that you cannot legally work while on a tourist visa in Dubai. If you are abe to secure employment while on a tourist visa, you can get the status change before you start working.

Change of status:

The changing of status can be done inside the country by applying for a “change of status “ at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDFRA) of the location of the company that hired you. This, however, is not applicable to all cases but not impossible.

Another option is to first apply for a job and get an employer that will sponsor you on an employment visa. Then, you will have to travel to your home country or a neighboring country while the proper working visa is being arranged by the employer. Some people do travel to Dubai on a tourist visa to make arrangements for an interview and then travel back to wait for their work visa to be processed.

Royal migration solutions advise:

Considering the legal implications of working on a tourist visa, there have been stories of applicants whose time was wasted when the employer did not proceed on visa processes. Some vulnerable jobseekers are also taken advantage of. Therefore it is important that applicants should seek employment through the right processes and also avail of the services of local reputable companies. The company must have the knowledge of migration rules and should be of help with visa requirements and submission.

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