10 Skills You Need to Be an iOS Developer

iOS Developer

Apple devices have become so popular and everybody is bound to have an iPhone, iPad or have definitely used one even if they do not own one. The market for Apple products is growing rapidly and will continue to grow as long as they keep to what they are doing. For this exact reason, there is a constant need to develop new and improved mobile applications to update the app store, the demand for iOS training course in Surat developers is high and will continue to grow according to the number of global apple users.

Here is a list of some desirable skills that every prospective iOS developer should know or try to learn if they want to be successful at their job.

1)  Apple Xcode IDE

This is a native environment containing all the tools required for the development of all iOS, and macOS applications. It only makes sense that Apple is the developer and owner of this free platform by which users are able to easily apply their ideas to develop an application. 

2) Swift 3.0 programming language

This is the basic programming language made to cater to Apple iOS devices. It is made to run smoothly with Cocoa and Cocoa touch frameworks which is just another added advantage for all the apple based developers out there. Some of the features offered are Control Flow, Error Handling, Classes, Inheritance & Initialization.

3) Spatial reasoning

Spatial reasoning deals with the ability to imagine objects in a 3-dimensional state and draw conclusions using this imagined picture and not depending on the limited amount of information that is provided. In this particular instance, it is used to find innovative methods of making the app more efficient and at the same time increase the appearance of the user interface to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

4) Networking

Networking is a skill that works hand in hand with app development. If your app is unable to connect to the internet, it may not be able to update or access many important features that will just end up being useless. This is the reason that networking must be fully understood before app development to give a clear idea of what role it will play in assisting your creation. Today, almost every app seen on the app store makes use of the internet in one way or another and network integration plays a vital role in the whole app development scenario.

5) Apple Human Interface guidelines

As you are probably aware, every company has its list of rules and guidelines that are to be strictly followed, likewise, apple human interface guidelines are a list of rules by which every iOS app developer must follow to create an efficient application that is found easy to use and offers a smooth user interface. These rules are enforced by Apple to promote healthy practices that have a positive output on the final application and add to the overall growth of the developer’s skills.

6) User interface and User experience

People generally prefer to use applications that are more user-friendly and easy to use, complex apps are not in demand especially amongst the older crowd that are not very tech savvy with all these technological features and tricks. For this reason, developers should keep all age groups and technical literacy in mind when designing their applications. User experience deals with the opinion of users while using the application, whether it was easy, hard or they did not find the app useful at all. According to this feedback, you can improve the app to become a more efficiently working software. The user interface deals with the overall look of the application.

7) Grand central dispatch (GCD)

Nowadays everyone wants a mobile device that can multitask making the operation of many pages or applications at one time an easy-breezy possibility. With the ever-changing world, the need for multi capability has become a standard requirement for all devices. The grand central dispatch makes this all possible. What the grand central dispatch does is optimizes application support for all systems that have multiple core processors. This moves management away from the developer and more towards the operating system. This Apple developed software has become a key role in the success of the iOS operating system and Apple devices. 

8) Core data

Have you ever downloaded an app and used it extensively and then the next time you opened it, it started all over again or began to show some glitches or noticeable lags? This is indeed a frustrating situation that may lead to an app being uninstalled. So to avoid this from happening, there is a need for data to be organized in such a way that it can be scanned thoroughly for and accessed more easily. It avoids the need to store data on the Apple devices and there will be no need to start from scratch each time you open the app to use it. A fully functional app that operates efficiently will be downloaded more compared to a fancy looking app that just crashes or lags every time you decide to use it.

9) Design guidelines

It just takes one glance at Apple devices to know that they are different and unique compared to other devices. This is because of the iOS operating system which holds no resemblance to android or windows operating systems. This is actually the main feature that draws the masses to become loyal iOS users as it offers a completely different experience for users who crave an alternative option to the basic available options. All developers concerned with this operating software must design applications in such a way that they blend in with the native user interface and experience of the apple ecosystem.

10) Git and Github

Last but not the least, Git is concerned with the version control of an application and is managed using the Github platform. It is an essential skill for all developers who are working on long term projects or even medium lived projects.


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