5 Essential Tips for Creating a Personal Branding Resume


When you are applying for a job, Personal Branding is very important. It defines your personality as a unique job seeker. With the help of personal branding, one can stand out as an important candidate and increase opportunities for himself. Personal branding in resumes and branding in business both work in the same way and target their audience.

Personal branding helps you to describe why you are an asset to their company. It shows your strength, your passion, and your key attributes to your targeted audience.

All you need to do is just highlight all the aspects in your resume that make you incredibly unique so the hiring manager or recruiter becomes thoughtless and just selects you.

Look at yourself as a Brand and find the way how you will increase your value in the eyes of your customer. Here are some steps to do so:

1. Increase the efficiency of job target/Personal Brand Statement

Your job target is the very first thing that your recruiter will see. This leaves a great impact on him which he will carry throughout your resume and it is all up to you what kind of impact you want to leave on them.

This section is a tremendous opportunity for seekers to make the impact of your job target good on the recruiter. Give them reasons to hire you. Show how you are unique from others and where you stand in the line of 1000 job seekers.

Let them know about your accomplishments, your strengths, and your attributes.

2.Try to polish your social media accounts

Social media profiles play an important role in personal branding, but people don’t take them seriously. For jobseekers, social media works as a storyteller and tells your recruiter about your behavior, your mindset, and your habits.

So, be very cautious about what you are posting on social media. Focus on what you are posting and how much you are posting. Try to be very brief and precise while posting on social media. Social media accounts are very important for your evaluation.

Around 79% of hiring managers reject people based on their social media profiles.

Some reasons for their rejection include:

  • Use of Illegal or illicit content
  • Images of drug use or heavy partying
  • Poor grammar in posts
  • Confidential or sensitive content about a former employer

You have to make sure that on social media you behave formally and not getting personal at any point because it reduces your chances of selection.

For personal branding, LinkedIn is the most suitable platform. On LinkedIn, one can take endorsements from people of their industry and this will help them a lot. LinkedIn accounts are well organized, and it is only for professionals. Here you can post your skills, you can learn new skills, you can post your achievements, your certifications, your experiences, etc.

Hiring managers are very interested in taking a tour of LinkedIn profiles, and by doing so they judge people based on their profile contents. Recruiters want the most accurate and comprehensive profile. So, you can not make it like your Instagram or Facebook profile. You have to manage it separately. Like Instagram, you cannot put your partying images or illegal contents on Linkedln. Your account should be spotless and expressive to show your best qualities.

3.Try to summarize your professional background

The summary of personal and professional background is the elevator pitch and it should be very short and expressive in your resume. Due to this COVID 19 age, most of the companies are working remotely. Knowledge of remote technology and its impact on the personal brand is necessary.

That’s why elevator speech is very helpful to condense the necessary elements of your brand. In the covid period, all MNCs take interviews virtually on a conference call or a normal call called telephonic interview.

So, no one can rely on nonverbal cues like eye contact, hand motions, or facial expression. Here you need to express yourself just by your words.

So, it is very important to summarize yourself accurately and quickly. Just remember that your summary should revolve around how you are perfect for the role.

4.Try to Consider Testimonials

To stand out in personal branding you can add testimonials. It is a unique concept and not everyone knows about this. To job seekers, it provides a way to stand out automatically.

All you need to do is just find people from your field who can write about your greatest on 2 or 3 lines. Keep this thing very straight that the people you choose are reputed ones.

You cannot take references from your friend or colleague. Rather you can take references from higher authorities like HOD or chief executive of your previous company.

This will increase your strength and chances of resume selection.

5.Create Initiatives from Duties

Instead of simply writing what is your job in the office you can use your job as an initiative. Like if you were working for a company and your job is replying to the queries, build a better system for that. Instead of writing a query handler, you can use the words developer, creator, or builder in your resume.

Hence by following these 5 steps you can create a brand for yourself. Similarly, for creating a good resume, you can look for good online resume builders. This will help you to make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd.


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