9 Essential T-Shirts for Every Boy to Enter New Year

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Are you the guy who makes new year’s resolutions and fails to accomplish them every time? Well, it better not happen this time because this year your resolution should also include ‘Dress Well’. Being boys, we barely spend on our attire choices but keep dragging the 2 years old sweatshirt throughout the years. Whether you are going to fill in the gaps or refill your wardrobe but what we have brought for you is an updated list of the 9 essential shirts which will make even the boys around you go ‘Woah’, what to talk about girls. So, let’s just stick with this read until we meet again at the end of this blog!

Denim Shirt:

You heard it right! Not only denim pants have become a vital part of our closet’s good collection but also the denim shirts. Majorly being available in sky blue, navy blue and greyish black, denim shirts can end up lifting your dressing in a glimpse. You can even wear denim shirts in winters.

White T-shirt:

Who said you can’t do much with a white tee? If worn without accessories, it can give you a decent touch but even if you add fancy uppers and bold shoes, it will become a fit for informal gatherings.

Polo T-shirt:

Labelled more with summers, Polo t-shirts have a class of their own. They can be worn as formals as well as Informal’s. They usually come in a style where they need to be buttoned to the top and with the collars. As the name says, it was used by Polo players in India.

V-Neck T-shirt:

It is inevitable that every second boy you will come across will have at least one V-neck shirt as a part of his wardrobe. It is due to the fact that they can also be used as a formal as well as informal choice. Boys who love to display their abs prefer having a body hugging V-neck shirt.

Striped T-shirt:

Whether horizontal or vertical stripes, a striped t-shirt does not deserve to be overlooked as it is a great choice for events like going to the cinema or dinner and a lot more. Moreover, they are available in the market in different styles, such as V-neck, scoop neck etc.

Graphic T-shirt:

Endorsing different brands, displaying slogans, patterns, images or delivering bold messages, graphics t-shirts must have confronted your closet. This style became the talk of the talk as soon as it arrived and now it is flaunted for many purposes. Surely, the next time you will have to support your political leader or promote your sport team, you will wear a graphic shirt accordingly.

Pocket T-shirt:

These shirts have a small pocket on the left side of the chest. These pockets will not come in handy to hold your wallet or mobiles but add a lot to the style. Besides, even if you put something heavy like your mobile in it then it will become baggy so better avoid it.

Hooded T-shirt:

Have you been confusing them with a plain hoodie? It is okay because now you know the truth. Hooded t-shirts can be worn in all seasons rather than winters only. These shirts have been a choice of stylish boys since years.

Crew Neck T-shirt:

Although, crew neck t-shirts can be worn by all the boys but they are widely preferred by the boys who are slim and want to have their chests look broader. Besides, these shirts are super cozy.

Hopefully, now you know what are the nine essential t-shirts for you to enter the new year. A combination of t-shirts can give the impression as if you have plenty of t-shirts to mix and match. Staying updated with the latest trends and hacks are necessary to have everyone fall for you. Regardless of how tight budget you have, you should save some out of it and buy yourself some splendid apparel. Thank us later!


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