How were Educational Mobile Apps Helpful During the Pandemic?


With the complete shutdown of educational institutions worldwide, more than a billion children were sent away to their homes. The sudden shift has drastically affected the educational system and the lives of many children. Many schools, universities, and other educational institutions had to adopt the remote learning method. However, speculations have arisen if this method of distance teaching will be continued post-pandemic.

While some were equipped to move their teaching from offline to online, some went through a difficult phase through the use of educational mobile apps that were pre-existing or were developed by educational app development companies. To overcome this problematic phase, it was essential to find an alternative method of learning which can be convenient for students around the globe. Thus, institutions took the help of educational software development companies for creating custom applications. Now, we will discuss the pertaining benefits, changes, and exceptions that e-learning has bought to us.

Importance of e-Learning platforms in Pandemic

1. Facing the hard reality of e-Learning

Since every student is different and the learning capabilities vary greatly, it is important to have a device to learn at their own pace.  E-Learning is the most effective approach through which a learner can create their experiences and increase the social activity.

2. Effective approach with structured data

To enhance the virtual experience, the teacher or instructor carefully modifies their lessons and teaching strategies according to the student’s response. In addition, however, the teachers use interactive slides and educational videos to make their lessons interesting, which increases the student’s interest.

Thus, constant communication is vital, and therefore, it gives an opportunity to students who hesitate to clear their doubts in classrooms.

3. Animation

A unique story-telling combined with significant animated objects acts as a plus point. It doesn’t matter how compact and crisp the content is; animations make it more approachable and catchier in the long run.

4. Live-video recording

Many educational streaming services offer the option to record lectures which further helps the students to come back and again view the learning content. In addition, many android educational mobile app development has eased the way of learning.

5. Clear Screen Demonstration

Sometimes blackboards can be dusty, which prevents students from seeing the concepts. To eliminate this process, e-Learning has made the viewing experience more accurate as the screen demonstration is clear and makes it easy for learners to understand complex processes.

How have Mobile applications changed the face of learning?

Ever since smartphones have been introduced in the market our lives have changed. As pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely, education is not left behind. As schools and other educational institutions were shut down, the classroom was shifted to an online platform which bought challenges in itself. Eventually, mobile apps were developed and proved to be bliss for millions of students. Thus, some of its benefits are listed below.

Great Accessibility: Students don’t have to go through the pain of carrying heavy school bags.

Flexibility: Online class apps can be easily downloaded and can work on platforms smoothly. As they work unparalleled of time, a learner can view the educational content at any time irrespective of the location.

Cost-Effective and Time-saving: Like a lot of resources are involved in delivering the best quality educational experience. The cost will be reduced as an application can single-handedly create and assign assignments while tracking the growth of every individual. As a result, time and human energy are saved.

Improved Communication: Through the launch of mobile applications, teachers and students could interact on a common platform through digital means.

Engagement: With a balanced combination of graphics, text, and training modules, online class apps are interesting and fascinates the young audiences.

Multi-support system: An online class app can be accessed on various output devices like laptops, PCs, smart TVs, desktops, etc. So, education can be availed through any available device.

Challenges in Teaching and Learning

With the wide variety of resources and platforms, the users have a plethora of online educational mobile apps that were aligned with the flexibility, accessibility, and feasibility. However, one of the concerning factors is the increased screen time. Earlier, students were engaged in offline physical activities and schooling. However, the dynamics have changed.

Secondly, the motivated set of learners requires less supervision and can cope with the changing environment. Another group of vulnerable learners, who require guidance and assistance around the clock, are facing a hard time that has resulted in decreased engagement. Student assessments are carried out online with repeated revisions of error which leads to confusion. Many are hopeful that this condition may improve.


The impact on education due to COVID-19 and social distancing is great. Thus, to combat errors and avail a smooth learning system, contact AppSquadz. We are an education app development company that can deliver one of our finest services and solutions, which are client-oriented.


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