How Much Does it Cost to Get a Web Application Developed?

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One of the most important things, if not the most important thing, while determining how a business firm should go about doing anything or taking any important decision in business is the price or cost factor. When we talk about designing a website it can take a lot of variables to determine how we should go about doing it, whether we should outsource it to an external team of professional guys working under an independent software development or web application development firm to help its clients or should you hire your team of professionals to do the job for you.

Even when determining the cost a whole lot of factors need considering like what are the basic needs of your business website? Are you looking to build on an existing website? What kind of online customer traffic are you expecting from your target segment? Does your web application require a credit card or payment gateways for online transactions? Does it need to sync with an e-commerce engine or integrate with Google logins? What sort of features does your application need? Having a list of such things might come in handy.

What are the questions that come to your mind while thinking about the cost of web application development for your business? Also, check here for the best-dedicated web developer who can make the desired web application development of your web application.

The factors like needs, scope, and small or sheer size of your web application are the ones that are expected to give you a glimpse of what kind of bill it will charge you for your application.

  • Do you want to build on what you already possess? Can you do it? Building on an existing web application will mean less cost incurred since you already got the platform ready and don’t need a brand-new application to build upon from scratch.
  • Do you want to hire a group of professionals to make your website or do you want to consider outsourcing it to a third party that incurs a less cost? Here it must be kept in mind that outsourcing might result in problems afterward whereas building one for the long term might be costly but beneficial for the long
  • How long does it take to build your web application and the cost incurred during this period? On average it takes about 4.5 months to build a full-fledged application (both front end application and back end infrastructure). But when the scope is pretty big it can take a few more months. Additionally, if the team has some ready-made modules the project can be accomplished and finished within 3.5 months.
  • Does your application need to have huge support for the customer base? What kind of response are you targeting or expecting.? Supporting a huge consumer base means it will also need to have a robust security system for the safety and security of both your business and your customer’s sensitive data from cyber-attacks; greater accessibility so that it does not go crashing around the whole day which means amounting to unthinkable amount of losses of sales and market share. More people would mean more server support than for something small built for small groups of users.
  • What are the necessary programs or functions and integrations that your application needs to have? Does it need to have credit card gateways or any other payment gateways? Does it need to have a tracking system synced with the logistics departments or counterparts? What are the things that want your website to do or have to make it more user-friendly? You need to decide well and put all of them accordingly while leaving space for improvements too. All these will add to your cost.
  • What will the support system of your website after its release look like? It’s something you would want to meddle with as it involves customer relationships and trust factors in your business.
  • What kind of communication do you want to have on your website? How exactly do you want the relationship with your customers? It is always advised to have strong communication with the potential clients as that is the way to making profits. The easier the communication is the more your website will be useful to your customer and you. And this easy communication system can cost you some price but that is very necessary for you to consider.

When you are finished answering all these questions to yourself you can go about thinking is it worth the risk and cost?

While a short answer to this would be yes, the cost of outsourcing your web application to a third party would save you some bucks. When considering numbers or dollars some projects may cost you $30000 to $40000 only. While others are big and contain a lot of usabilities and cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you are considering a new project that has to support a large consumer group, then you might need a large budget for your website. Whereas if you are looking to build on existing platforms that you already have then those costs can be lower. Thus it’s important to get a detailed and realistic picture of your needs for the app while trying to depict the actual cost required as a budget for your website.

Thus when you want to hire a developer or professional guys to make it for you, you are getting access to the team’s specialty and expertise, and experiences in this field allowing you access to more knowledge and a better understanding of the problems should they arise in the future. You are also getting access to the expertise of your web application development veterans who have the experience of handling several big or small-sized projects and delivering them successfully in time. This is not something you get by hiring teams in-house each at a time.


A good developer will also be in constant touch with your people to ensure that the work forwards in a way that aligns with your goals, vision, and mission. In this way, you are getting what you want for your business website. The final takeaway from this is that your cost depends on several factors while choosing the best way to build your website, mostly your business’s needs and what are your expectations of the user interface from such a website and the team that you want to hire to make your application for you.


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