Universities in Ontario for International Students

universities in ontario

Ontario is one of the major provinces of Canada, which is home to two of its most famous cities, i.e., Toronto and Ottawa. Due to its increased stress on making the country open for international and providing better development opportunities to the international population, the province has specifically worked on the establishment of universities.

Canada is often the first choice of South Asian students to continue higher education at the international level. The first hurdle in front of them is choosing the region they want to move to, and Ontario is the first place to come to their mind. The province has a vast range of internationally acclaimed public and private research universities which are open to international students.

Give a detailed read to this article to learn and explore universities in Ontario Canada for international students.

List of Universities in Ontario Canada for International Students

If you are eager to move to Canada for higher education and have selected Ontario as the region you want to move to, you have made the right decision. It is the cultural and educational hub of Canada, and you will get numerous opportunities for progress and development. So, make sure to learn a bit about the popular universities in Ontario to secure your admission on time and enjoy a smooth move.

Here are some of the top universities in Ontario Canada international students should explore for higher education.

1. University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is the most prestigious higher education institute located in Guelph, Ontario. It was established in 1964 as a public university. The university has numerous research and study programs that enjoy higher international rankings. This factor attracts many Pakistani students who hire educational consultants in Islamabad and secure their admission in the programs of their interest.

2. Renison University College Waterloo

The Renison university college is the second most popular and prestigious university located in Waterloo, Ontario. It was established in 1959 as a university college and since then has actively contributed to the educational development of the world. The university college holds dear the causes of social engagement, global engagement, and community engagement which are quite necessary for the current time.

3. Western University London

The western university, often termed the University of Western Ontario, is one of the best and oldest universities located in London, Ontario. The university was established in 1878 as a public research university. The university has over four thousand undergraduate programs, almost fifteen hundred master’s degree programs, and more than two hundred doctoral programs, which attracts international students from across the globe.

4. Lakehead University Thunder Bay

Lakehead University is the another internationally acknowledged university of Ontario. It was also established as a public research university in 1965. The university currently has two campuses in Ontario, one is in Thunder Bay, and the other one is in Orillia. The business school of the university is acclaimed internationally, which attracts numerous international students.

5. University of Windsor

Another prestigious university in Ontario that international students can explore for higher studies is the University of Windsor. The university is located in Windsor. It was established in the nineteenth century but got the formal status of university only in 1962. The university offers admissions to international students at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in nine different faculties.

6. Ryerson University Toronto

The next internationally recognized university in Ontario for international students is Ryerson University. It was established as a public research university in 1948 and covered numerous milestones before finally achieving the status of the university. It is one of the most well-established universities of Toronto, which is open for international students from any part of the world.

7. Brock University St. Catharine

Brock University is another public research university in Ontario, which is specifically located in St. Catharines. The university was established in the year 1964. The university offers a vast range of Ph.D. programs to local and international students, in addition to undergraduate and post-graduate programs. It also offers numerous student programs that have achieved higher international rankings.

8. OCAD University Toronto

Ontario College of art and design university (OCAD University) is one of the most prestigious art universities of Ontario, which is located in Toronto. It was founded in 1876 as a public university. The university offers research opportunities, has art galleries and notable faculty on board which is enough to tempt art enthusiasts. If you are also one, hire educational consultants in Islamabad to process your admission and become a part of OCAD University.

Have you picked a favorite university in Ontario Canada?

If yes, proceed with the admission process right away. However, if you are facing a hard time in selecting the university or processing the admission, avoid overlooking the fact that you need professional help in order to get a student visa for Canada. Get in touch with professional education consultants now to pick the best and ideal university and start your packing for Canada.


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