Used VS Refurbished Phones – The Complete Guide


Listening to used mobile phones is very common these days as people keep on hopping from brand to brand and model to model as soon as some new mobile phone is launched in the market. The number of used mobile phones has drastically increased in the last few years. The category of refurbished mobile phones is also here in the market for a few years now it is not older than the use of mobile phones but this category has something different in it. Refurbished mobile phones are not used mobile phones as they are just used for a couple of days and then returned to their source with all the original packaging and accessories it was received. So which one offers board benefits when it comes to using mobile phones and refurbishes mobile phones?

Used Mobile Phones

Definition of a used mobile phone is simply a second-hand mobile phone that was used by its first owner for a couple of months or years and then sold to someone else. Are use the mobile phones can be of any brand as everyone tries to sell their old mobile phone once they are done using it and keeps on adding to the use mobile phone category. Use mobile phones are often cheaper in price compare to brand-new mobile phones and refurbish mobile phones as they are devices which are used for a longer period of time and so their value eventually depreciates.

Refurbished Mobile Phones

Refurbished mobile phones are smartphones that were used by their first owner for a couple of days and returned to their source again. The reason for returning the mobile phone may be because of minor or major defects which is not necessary but also because maybe the owner changed their mind and planned to switch to another smartphone. Refurbish mobile phones are a newly known category which comes with a lot of benefits which people are unaware of. We have listed some of the greatest benefits that you can receive while you buy refurbished mobile phones.

  • The price

The price is an important factor when people look up to buying a smartphone. What better can you get while you’re getting an almost new mobile phone for the price of an old one. The price of a refurbished mobile phone is often lesser compared to the brand-new mobile phone of any specific brand or model you are aiming to buy. This is because the refurbished mobile phone was used for a couple of days by its first owner but that certainly doesn’t mean that it becomes second hand mobile phone but enters into the category of refurbished mobile phone which are almost new mobile phones.

  • Originality maintain

Unlike secondhand mobile phones, you will receive all the original packaging and accessories and also the original invoices while you buy your refurbished mobile phones of any brand. All the originality is maintained while you buy refurbished mobile phones as you are buying a partially new mobile phone. Also, the biggest benefit is the warranty as the warranty of any mobile phone is around 12 months period and since the refurbished mobile phone was used only for a couple of days you have a lot of time under which your warranty will be covered and if you are lucky you can also receive refurbished mobile phones which have an extended warranty.

  • Thoughtful for the environment

While you plan to buy used mobile phone or refurbished mobile phone both are an environmentally friendly way of using electronics and reducing e-waste. As we all know that a lot of harmful metals and materials such as lead, magnesium, iron, and a lot more things are used while producing a whole new smartphone. Though many brands are working towards producing and coming up with environmentally friendly smartphones the least we can do is try to save the environment by buying refurbished mobile phones as if not used they might end up in landfills and destroy the environment sitting there for millions of years.


Whether you plan to buy a used mobile phone or a refurbished mobile phone you might always need a helping hand to find out which mobile phone is suitable for you according to your budget and requirements and for that, you need a verified source from where you can buy a used or refurbished mobile phone. You can receive all the guidance at as you will be held throughout the process of buying any mobile phone of your choice in the use and refurbish category.  All you have to do is approach quick mobile from its official website and tell us about your mobile phone. Basically about its brand model and its condition. The expert analysis simply means a precise analysis of your mobile phone that is mandatory in order to reach perfect and perfect pricing according to your mobile phone all analysis much far as per the mobile brands.


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