How can You become a Professional Guitar Player?


When it comes to guitar playing, everyone wants to become a pro. Many dream about it, talk about it, have goals laid down. Sadly, not everyone has what it takes: the dedication, relentless, consistency, hard work and everything in between.

Becoming a pro in guitar playing is not impossible. After all, they’re a lot of world-class guitarists that have made their mark over the years.  However, to become the best in class guitarist, there a lot of things involved. Hence, how can You become a Professional Guitar Player? If this is a question brimming on your mind right now or whether your question entails making playing guitar your primary source of income. Jesse Levine, based in Norristown and the brain behind a guitar school, shares pro tips on how to transition from semi-professional guitar payer or amateur to a pro. Read on!

Work with the right guitar teacher

Do you want to gain mastery in guitar playing as fast as possible? Get yourself a good guitar teacher or mentor. A teacher that knows what your goals are, what you want, how you feel and many more. f your teacher isn’t what you want, consider a change. This is because a great teacher will help you achieve your goals, develop excellent skills, cultivate the right mindset and help you be the best of YOU. The main point is a great teacher will help you get their quicker and faster than doing it on your own. Even the best guitarist of all time will tell they have a great coach that has contributed greatly to their success.

Besides, “teachers are already in the industry and can help you open doors to many opportunities and help with many connections which you might be able to get on your own.” Says Jesse Levine.

Join a band

Whether you want to make guitar playing a stream of income or you just want to be a pro, consider forming or joining a band. This is one way to accelerate your growth and no matter how bad or good the bad the band is, you will make mistakes, learn, move on and grow together.  Moreover, perform in functions or events and learn to play in front of a live audience. This way you can develop the right skills needed to become a good musician. Plus, you can earn good money while you play at events.

Network with others

While embarking on that challenging yet exciting journey of guitar playing, being around like minded-people plays a huge role in your career. There are seminars, social events, or local gigs where you can acquire more knowledge, get to meet the best, and also get motivated to put in your best. Moreover, networking can also in time leads to a great friendship, richer social life, and people who can help you scale your way to success. It’s all worth it!

Practice, practice, practice

The popular saying goes, practice makes perfect and like other careers, you get better when you practice more. To become proficient, practice and consistency is the key. While this might be a bit challenging, it requires time and enthusiasm to keep you going. “That is why you must define while you want to be a guitarist in the first place,” says Jesse Levine Norristown. ‘Have a routine by creating a proper practice plan and stick to it.” he adds.  The bottom line is to become familiar with your instrument, transcribe melodies, practice music and never stop learning.

Evaluate yourself and Keep working towards your goals

Record when you play and listen to yourself. Whether you make an audio or a video, listening and watching what you played will always make a huge difference and help you to improve more. This means it will point out your weaknesses and where you need to make adjustments. This will help you to work on your weaknesses and become better.

It doesn’t have to be boring

Let’s face it! Becoming a professional is n investment. Time, money, commitment and getting out of your comfort zone. Hence, it is important to have fun and make it interesting. Get yourself a good coach that will motivate you when the going gets tough, make practice enjoyable and fun and move with the people of like mind that will push you to be your best. Moreover, read and watch how the guitarist heroes motivate themselves and achieve their goals. Guitar is a never-ending journey, enjoy it!


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