Why Playing Guitar is Good for Mind?


That six-string is much more than running the fingers on the chords – ask any guitarists. It also performs wonders to the body, mind, and soul. Hence, if you are a guitar player or you are just taking up this new hobby, here is good news for you. You are unique and your brain is different from others – scientifically proven. Not only could that, strumming out those chords have countless benefits for you and those around you. Herewith Jesse Levine of Norristown a proud founder of Alex Levine School of Guitar to shed more light on the benefits of a guitar to the overall wellbeing. Read on!

Guitar boost memory, focus, and mental health

It’s no doubt that brain declining has been the thing of the day when it comes to aging. However, people who start music training at a young age tend to have better brain development, improve long term memory and increases grey matter volume, according to the recent research conducted by the University of Montreal. The motor, visual, and auditory synchronizes in harmony and fire up in action to dance to the tune. Not only for young ones, if you are older, learning a new skill, is a good way to preserve memory as one age. The bottom line is no one is ever too old to learn guitar.

It helps you to be more creative

Hit with a creative wall for a particular project? Why not pick up your guitar for some time to unlock the hidden creative part of you. Cambridge University recently had a study that shows experienced players are able to deactivate the rationale, conscious side of the brain and activate the unconscious creative side. Guitar simply stands for a magical instrument that takes you through a creative process making it one of the greatest single assets that come in handy when we are dealing with life challenges.

It promotes Mindfulness

Ever wondered how the guitarist seems calm and composed on stage? Well, you might say the act of being in the moment and concentration while working on those power chords does the trick. The bonds guitar players form with the chords can easy out pain, stress, and block any negative energy. So when you are having a long day in the office or something seems to be bothering you. Grab your guitar and get lost into the world where only you and the instrument exist.

“Guitarists that have experienced the deep level of guitar, can testify not only to the surging joy that flow from within but also the therapeutic benefits.” Says Jesse Levine. Often, the students always say if they are feeling pain, troubled, or stressed, the guitar has always been the escape route and a great stress reliever that makes them feel good and see life in the positive light” Jesse Levine Norristown adds.

Good for your physical health

When you learn or play guitar, your heart will thank you! That is, it serves as a medicine for your broken heart and reduction of the risk of heart -related diseases. These might be the reason people turn to the guitar. McGill University, a neuroscientific study has shown that playing this instrument releases the well-known “happy hormone” called dopamine. This chemical is associated with pleasurable sensations, happiness and it plays a key role in boosting the mood, overcoming sorrows, and promoting emotional well-being.

Apart from healing a broken heart, a group of researchers from the Netherlands ran a study on the connection between music and blood pressure. They discover that patients who listen to music for more than 100 minutes in a day show a considerable reduction in blood pressure. Either way, playing your way to a healthy heart is an awesome reward to gift your health!

It enhances social life

Call it a spiritual instrument, the guitar can connect players together and develop a strong bond. Studies have shown that when players play together, they tend to form chemistry, and their brains work in harmony making them anticipate the next set of chords without even thinking. Plus, guitar playing is also one of the easiest ways to strike great relationships and make new friends. That shy guy with great guitar skills can in a few minutes be the center of attention when he brings out those hidden talents.

It is a great Confidence booster

Learning to play guitar can bring a sense of achievement and boost self-confidence. The more you play, the better you are, and the more you will get to display this talent in the form of others. It’s no surprise, charities, and organizations who understand the importance of this instrument are using it to treat patients, manage stress and enhance their overall wellbeing. Not to forget schools like “Alex Levine School of Guitar” who are training young guitarists and using guitar to enhance their memory, improve their skills, and help them feel more confident to handle life challenges.


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