Games to Play with Kids in Room

kids indoor games

Here we have specified some of the best kids indoor games that your children play in their room and with their parents.

Living – inanimate

The facilitator said that mixed and inanimate objects in life, while the children only reacted to “alive” but remained silent to “inanimate”. The worst child wins.


The children stand in the direction of the chieftain’s hand. If he speaks in all directions, everyone will run away. After hearing the speech, “These guys have a strict order, they always know where they are,” they run and start in a new direction. The latter is considered a loser.

Find the Color

The children form a circle and find the object’s color to touch under the direction of the coordinator. The loser is the last one to fall on the last thing. He is not in the game


All children are fish and one of them is a predator. When an adult shouted “boat,” the fish were hiding near a wall because the storm was “thundering” – on the other hand, and as the term “predator” began to flee and the predator found itself beginning to catch them.

Sun bunnies

This course is suitable for sunny days. Take a small mirror, let the rabbit lean against the wall and ceiling and watch with the baby.


The leader whistles, signals to the player making a blind spot and changes direction. If you focus on the sound, find an adult.


Kids put little things together and put them somewhere. Then select a player who stays behind the object. The facilitator pointed to one of the objects and asked, “Who owns this object?” All the players saw the topic, but one person remained behind and did not know the topic that the manager had pointed out. The player’s job is to assign a “fine”, a task that the owner of the item must perform to use this item.

Through the Hoop

The athletes staged a rocket with a ping pong ball on one side and a gymnastic brace on the other. The player’s task is up and down, then up and down, without losing the ball. They play together. The winner is the one who finishes the task faster.

Arithmetic Cubes

For the game you need 3 dice. Each time they throw 3 times. If the numbers are the same, count them (for example, 3, 5 and 3 fall, the sum is 3 + 3 = 6, if all the different numbers are deleted, eg 5, 2 and 3, they will not be Tag respect to). If the next three numbers are identical (for example, 4.4 and 4), the sum of these numbers doubles as well. The winner is the one who gets a maximum of three shots.


The player must find and restore all the layers in the room. The wash buttons can be different: plastic, wood, tinted, transparent, old, new. The most important principle: the more there is, the better. The players are divided into pairs. Some people have made a connection with the cleaning button. The task is simple. One child was blindfolded. The clothes were tied with tailor made clothes. Also, do not use pens to hang children, but pens. Where to fix it, they decide. Players have no right to intervene in this process. Then there are players who are currently binding for hours. His job is to find all the cleaning buttons on the drive and delete them as soon as possible.

Funny Pictures

Develop a visual memory game. Ask your child to examine ten images, each representing a familiar object. Then ask the baby to name the objects he remembers. The number of things your child remembers is important. Show the child the pictures he did not mention. Try again in ten minutes. We recommend that you remember all photos within an hour. The top of the list in kids indoor games.

Get the Town

Participants prepared a sock bag and five bags; their hands lay behind their backs (one hand caught the wrist of the other). He must squat without leaving his position and not touch the ground with both hands to lift the city behind his legs (washing machine, cube, hump, etc.). The winner is the one who has passed more than three times in three attempts.

Find a Bunny

To play, use a clean handkerchief. You have to take him to the two corners, look at him from both sides and ask, “Where’s our rabbit, where does he run?” Then tie the ends of the scarves to look like rabbit ears and say, “It’s a rabbit, where’s his tail?” “On the rest of the scarf, tie a small tail:” Tail, we caress her.”

Gold Fish

A child is a goldfish and invites a fisherman to fulfill his wish. You have found something supernatural and he has to find a good reason why he cannot meet your wishes. You can then switch roles.

Spoiled Fax

The participants sat one after the other. The last participant signed a photo on the back of the person sitting in front of him. The player receiving the message must repeat the message as accurately as possible on the back of the person sitting in front. After receiving the message, the first player in a row signs the paper. Then the drawings of the first and last players compared, the participant by fax could not identify which participant in the game. All players must change position before the next turn.

You can use geometric shapes, letters and small words as well as various symbols (dollar, euro, ampersand, copyright) as drawings.

It is recommended to start the game with simple geometry. To make the game more dynamic, you can secretly prepare the participants’ drawings.

You can keep the team version of the game. All participants are divided into teams of 5 to 8 people and submit drawings at the same time. The winner is the team whose last move is close to the original drawing. Indeed, this is one the trending kids indoor games.


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