Essentials to Make a Action Movie Successful

Making Action Movie

Brutal yet exciting, nerve-racking yet thrilling, different things, actions, and emotions are at work when it comes to an action movie. Action is widely open to different genres and themes spanning different movements, eras, and styles. There are the classics that have stood the test of time in the genre. The likes of The Raid, Die Hard. What of the modern days’ favorites like John Wick? The recent action blockbusters such as Wonder Woman. Not to forget other action-gentes ones such as science fiction action, comedy action, martial arts and many more. Not just a contemporary phenomenon, the action movie genre no doubt has been a consistent box-office draw for decades, pushed back against times with many winning laudatory reviews.

Are you an action film lover or you just have a resurgence of interest in action film making? Here are the essentials are given by Madhu Mantena, a successful film producer and media entrepreneur to make a great action film.

1. Superheroes

Action films never complete without heroes. That singular character that always stands tall and courageous at the rain of bullets, car chases, fistfights, rescue, and frantic chases, and all kinds of martial arts wizardry. At the back of the mind of every filmmaker, there is that person that will “get a gun and start the chase and killing of every bad guy”. Heroes are what everyone is looking forward to and up to in action movies and when “super” do their “hero” thing, it’s always dazzling and exciting says Madhu Mantena.

2. Chase and Fight Scenes

Obviously, an action film is not “action” until there are various action sequences. A perfect way to excite your audience as they become immersed in the film world, taking them deeper into the story, while taking the audience through the character journey. The actions must be creative, tension-packed, and you might even combine it with some cool technical stuff that we have never seen before but got us wanting for more. These are the essential pieces that make up every one of the action movie scenes that make their way to greatness. However, it can be quite tricky, extremely. complex with a great need for planning and coordination. This means the first thing on your priority list should be safety. Hello, the sword swipes, the kicks and punches, stunts, and special effects.

3. Training Montage

Although not an absolute requirement it’s quite great to see training montage in action movies. It all packed with a perfect soundtrack, an awesome workout, and a real underdog mentality. The more these qualities are demonstrated, the better. A good and exciting way to carry your audience along how your hero worked its way to perfection.

4. Revenge Plot

As a screenwriter, you need to come up with revenge or vengeance scenarios. Set the plot in motion and put a series of violent counteractions that will drive the movie from start to a gut-wrenching, bloody finish.

5. The Bad Guys

Action movies are all about someone (a hero) having to fight against all odds (especially the bad guys) to achieve the goals. These are the chief foes, antagonists, villains, or any name you decide to give the bad guys that the audience is always against in action films. The villains hate the main character and are just after seeing to his downfalls. They are great characters that challenge the strength and weaknesses of the protagonist (hero) while serving as the motivator for the protagonist to win at all costs. “While many think that the heroes or protagonists are the most important, the antagonists hold just as much importance in carrying your viewers along with the entire plot. Hence, this is something that must be well planned and executed,” Madhu Mantena says.


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