Entertainment by Movies and Dramas


Entertainment means work or a hobby that gives someone happiness and satisfaction. There is no one way to gain happiness. There are countless ways to gain entertainment. Everyone has his own choice to do something. Some people want to play, some people want to watch a movie and some people want to read a book. So there are many ways of entertainment like performing arts, shows, and exhibitions.

Some forms of Entertainment are-

  •         Art of storytelling.
  •         Music.
  •         Theater.
  •         Cinema, film, and animation.
  •         Comedy.
  •         Dance.
  •         Street art.
  •         Playing a game physically or on the computer.

Entertainment by Cinema

The first advantage of cinema is the greater freedom of improvisation and schedules. If tickets for a theater show often need to be booked well in advance, you can decide to go to the cinema even five minutes before a show starts. Furthermore, for the die-hard latecomers, it is certainly less embarrassing. To enter the darkroom of a cinema where the sounds of the film cover those of the clumsy maneuvers to be done to occupy one’s own in the room. While at the theater the risk of attracting the glares of the audience and actors. It is much more concrete.

The second reason for preferring the cinema is that the same film is shown several times a day. You can choose the most convenient time concerning commitments and times. While in the theater you have to strictly adhere to the times of the show and be patient. If the day after the alarm will go off early or if your working hours end after the show starts.

Entertainment by Movie

A movie can give someone much entertainment that he wants. In a movie, it may be funny or action or a thrill. So the funny movie has a story with lots of fun. In our free time, we can watch movies. And it can help to get rid of our tensions and give our mind a refreshment.

Many movies can give us entertainment like “Love and Death” by Allen. In this movie, there is a lot of fun and thrill. In this movie, the French general says that his victory will help the world remember his name Sidney Applebaum”. This joke makes the audience laugh. Because a man says that the world will remember him in history. In the film, it’s a joke but it is a reality that is completed.

Entertainment by Drama

Some people like to watch drama. The big difference between a movie and a drama is that a movie is a video that may be 2 to 3 hours but a drama has parts that may be 20 or maybe 200.

Drama has its unique story as its story is complete when we watch all the episodes from one to last. Because it is written so people have a craze to watch it complete. Many dramas have a worldwide fan following because of their unique story. It’s not only the entertainment that can be gained by a drama. There are a lot of lessons that we can get from a drama.

Many dramas can entertain us like game of thrones it has lots of thrills that make it world-famous


Music is entertainment. We can do many things while listening to music. It can also help us to refresh our minds and focus on our work. At parties or get-togethers, music also provides entertainment. Music also gives a person mental satisfaction.


Online Games

Online games are those which can be played on your phone or your PC. These fun games are a great way to spend a few hours with your friends or anyone who has a craze for great online games. Take part in thrilling games like PUBG, Free Fire, or show your skills with multiplication in math games. You can also entertain mind games like question-solving games and picture-solving games.

Physical Games

Physical games like cricket, football, and handball, etc. can also give much entertainment. It also helps to maintain physical and mental health. Not only playing but watching these games on TV also gives much entertainment. Some use their free time to watch the matches on TV.


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