Piano: How to move if you want to Learn?


Touch the keys with your fingers and produce melodies that echo in the air. When we think of the piano, the first image that usually comes to mind is usually this. Obviously, it’s not all that easy, this instrument takes years and years of study to play, but it’s never too late to decide to get involved and take lessons.

In this article, we will try to give you some information on the first steps to take if you have decided to learn how to play it.

Learning to play the Piano: the choice of the teacher:

Learning to play the pianoforte can be a long journey and the best way to do it is to find a good teacher. Obviously, it is not just a matter of learning to recognize the notes by reading a score but of having a figure that is a model to draw on to cultivate one’s passion. A lesson can cost around 25 euros an hour and the required practice is really a lot, so think carefully if this is a real passion or just a momentary pleasure.

Basic notions to know the Piano :

This instrument has 88 keys, composed of white keys, called natural because their sound is defined in this way, and black keys, which are called accidental because they produce flat or sharp notes.

The natural notes are 7 (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do) and the accidental ones are 5 for each octave.

The staff for the right hand is called the treble clef, while the staff for the left hand is called the bass clef.

Textbooks for learning to play the Piano :

In addition to the lessons you follow with a professional, you can decide to buy textbooks to find ideas for some exercises with which to train alone, there are many types, ask for advice to find the best performing one.

Piano or Keyboard?

Let’s say you are still a bit starting with decisions and are considering whether it is better to buy a piano or a keyboard. The former is certainly much more expensive and undoubtedly more cumbersome and difficult to bring home but if you want to seriously pursue a career as a pianist you just can’t do without them. If, on the other hand, your finances do not allow you at the time of buying it, you can orient yourself towards a piano for beginners, which has keys that light up to make you understand at first what note you are playing. Remember that in addition to the purchase costs, a piano must be tuned, like the guitar.

Familiarize yourself with the Piano:

Now that you have everything you need you will have to start getting familiar with the instrument and then follow a series of steps that will lead you to play your first song:

Position your fingers: to play, you will need to know where to put your hands and therefore immediately force yourself to use the correct posture so that one day it becomes completely natural.
The scales: you will become familiar with the sounds and the notes and if you are learning to read the notes you can practice doing both at the same time.

Practice: it will certainly seem trivial information but the reality is that without an adequate number of hours of daily exercise, you will not be able to improve. Start with easy songs, trying to understand their structure, which will make it easier for you to play. To further help you hum it among yourselves, trying to give it the right pitch based on the corresponding notes, in this way even without a score you will be able to recognize them.


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