Best Posture Exercises to Improve your Body Posture

posture exercises

Posture exercises are designed to improve your posture and reduce structural damage to your body. They reverse the effects of bad posture, which will alleviate muscle and joint pain.

First, let me explain why posture improvement is important; when our body is misaligned, it consumes more energy.

This is the opposite of what our bodies were designed for. It always tries to work at the most economical level, saving energy later as the day goes on.

When we don’t maintain proper posture, we compromise the body’s integrity, leading to decreased circulation, causing varicose veins, joint, and muscle pain, not to mention the effects poor circulation has on our organs.

Both men and women can develop poor posture. For women, wearing high heel shoes leads to an alteration to a stature that the spine compensates for.

They are also more often involved in computer and clerical-oriented careers, which require being in front of a computer for long periods without getting up.

The weight of breast tissue or breast implants can cause a rounded shoulder if the woman has less muscular strength to support it.

This results in abdominal thoracic and lumbar curves and hyperextended knees.

Posture exercises alone will not correct the problem, and we must correct the habits we have developed since we were kids. We use the wrong muscles to put too much effort into simple tasks and are not even aware of it.

We do it subconsciously as it has become a habit. How can we allow this without feeling anything? Our bodies can endure a lot, and it adapts very easily put up with tremendous amounts of misuse before we feel any discomfort.

It is important to correct these bad habits as corrective postural exercise programs can actually reinforce these habits rather than correct them.

We are so preoccupied with what we have to do, and we do not think about how we should do it. See what are the best sleeping, driving, at work and computer poster.

We tend to straighten our backs when we see our slumped body reflection. But this is very hard to remember to do every minute of every day, not to mention very energy-consuming.

So how do we permanently correct our posture? By correcting our muscle imbalance. Developing muscles that surround the neck and spine through posture exercises.

We must also re-educate our body’s so we can efficiently use these muscles. Once we correct our bad habits combined with stronger postural muscles, our body will return to its natural upright position.

How to sit for best posture

Posture Exercises and Your health.

Bad posture can affect all of your body’s functions. When you slump, you make breathing harder by adding downward force to your ribcage. Slumping adds tension to the torso muscles; this acts like a corset restricting the rib cage’s natural movements, which need to move up and out as you inhale.

Digestion is also impeded when you slouch, which can cause constipation. When your muscles are under constant tension, it interrupts the natural flow of digestion.

A big belly might not be due to excess belly fat but too weak muscles not supporting your gut.

Mental health can also be affected. Poor posture can diminish your confidence. When you feel you look good, you feel good.

List of Posture Correction Exercises

The Prone Cobra Exercise

The Prone Cobra. This is one of the best postural strengthening and endurance exercises. Lie on your belly with your arms along your side. Raise your chest off the ground and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Your arms should also be off the ground with your thumbs pointing up. Hold for ten seconds, followed by a ten-second rest. Always keep your spine straight. Repeat For ten reps two or three times a day.

Axial Extension Trainer. Stand up perfectly straight and feel your head being pull towards the ceiling as if a balloon was attached to it. Hold for two minutes and repeat eight times during the day. This posture exercise will re-establish what good posture feels like.

Wall Lean Posture Exercise

Wall leans. This one will build postural endurance by activating the thoracic extenders and cervical. Stand up with your back flat against the wall. While keeping your spine and neck straight, walk your feet out one foot from the wall with the back of your head still touching the wall. Make sure to keep your neck straight and in a straight line with your spine. Your arms should be at your side. Hold this position for 30 seconds three to four times a day. Try to work your way up to two minutes as your muscles get stronger.

Posture exercises can also help you get a flat belly.

It’s just natural to have good posture, and you shouldn’t have to work at it. It should be easy for you to achieve. With these posture exercises, it will make it that much easier.


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