5 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs a Toner

why your skin needs a toner
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Hello girls…we all want glowing and clear looking skin but, something always comes between us. Pollution, unhealthy diet and mismanaged routine – they all lead to skin problems. Well, one of the best answers is toner.

Yes, we generally do not know what toner is but, it is just like a magic that can do wonders to your skin in no time. You can make it the most important part of your daily routine. So, give a read on what is a toner and the reasons why your skin needs it the most.

What is a Toner?

Toner is basically one of the most important and in-between steps of a skin-care routine. It is used to apply after cleansing the skin (mainly face) and before putting moisturizer. It is really useful for those who have oily or skin with acne.

How much does a toner cost?

Luckily, toners are available for every budget. You can choose from drugstore to high-end ones. If you are starting out with toners, we will recommend you this list of drugstore toners for acne-prone skin that won’t cost you a bomb.

Here are some reasons how toner can be helpful and why your skin needs it:

• Toner helps to shrink pores: Toner has so many properties which let all the unwanted pores of your skin to shrink. Just take a cotton pad or cotton ball and apply some amount of any toner which you want as per your skin type. Slowly start blotting and wipe it gently on the skin to remove the excess oil to look after all those pesky pores.

• Toner helps to prevent ingrown hairs: Ingrown hairs are the most annoying thing which no one wants on their skin but, with the help of toner, this problem can be solved. Toner has features like alpha hydroxy acids as well as glycolic acid which help to stop ingrown hairs.

• Toner helps to restore pH balance: The pH balance of our skin is between 5 to 6 on the scale of 0 to 14. As we know, the nature of our skin is acidic but, with the constant use of soap over the skin it becomes a whack. But toner helps to maintain the pH balance and makes the skin look fresher.

• Toner works as the skin protector: Toner has the property to protect our skin. It creates a layer over the skin which closes pores so that no dirt particle can enter into the skin after cleansing. It also decreases the penetration of impurities, removes mineral of the tap water & chlorine.

• Toner is a great moisturizer and refresher: Toner is made using the best of the ingredients which help the skin to look beautiful and fresh. Humectants used in the toner moisturize our skin while it also helps to remove oil and dirt from the skin to make it fresh looking.

So, use toner to overcome all those skin problems. Well, if you want to start using toner then, drugstore toners are one of the best toners available in the market. It has many options suitable for all skin types as you can find anything from the range of hydrating to oil-absorbing. So, give a try to add it to your permanent beauty companion.



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