Try These 5 Amazing Makeup Tips for This Winter Season

The chilly months of winter can be very harsh for your skin. But don’t worry, with a little care you can maintain healthy skin. Flaky and dry skin is a persistent problem during the winter season. For solving it, you have to keep yourself hydrated and full moisturized all day long.

When it comes to winter makeup, it is very important to keep your skin agile and soft as it enhances your look. You can also do it by applying right makeup so here we have listed up some makeup tips for the winter season that are suggested by makeup artist in Pune. We hope these makeup tips will help you to look radiant, bright and cheerful even in the depth of winter.

These tips will also help you with the flawless finish, but you also need to keep your skin moisturize and ensure that it won’t be dry. To get a suitable and glowing look, here are the tips-

Tips for Winter Makeup to Get a perfect look …

Makeup is the most essential part of a women’s look. In the winter season, they must know about the right makeup tips. So, here are the best makeup tips for winters as follows-

Skin Moisturizer Is Must

Moisturizer is good for your skin no matter it is winter or summer and let me tell you, if you like doing makeup daily then it has an essential role in the procedure of makeup. So, every time whenever you put your makeup on, always apply a good moisturizer. But at the time of applying it, “be generous with this and don’t forget the neck”.

It will be beneficial to get rid of dryness and will provide you a smooth layer so that you can apply makeup on it!!

Apply Right Mascara and Eyeliner for Highlighting the Eyes

Want to fight with the dullness of winters? Then here is the solution!! It can be done just by highlighting your eyes with the different shades of mascaras and liners. In the winters, you can wear all the bold shades you like such as- green, blue, burgundy, auburn, and purple.

You can also go for shimmery eyeliner shades but one thing to remember in winter season during eye makeup is that “not overdo it”. If you are applying heavy eye makeup then apply a light or nude lipstick, it will compliment your look.

Choosing Right Lipstick with The Right Shade

Red is always a hit whether it is summer or winter. Your look can never go wrong with colors like red, burgundy, and dark pink but choose according to your skin tone. For example- women with the light or pale complexion can easily go with the dark shades of lipsticks whereas, women with the dark or tanned skin tone can go with the warm red, deep palm or berries for the winters.

Ladies!! It can be a difficult task for you to choose the right shade of lipstick that is a hit during the season as well as suits your complexion. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with a simple lip gloss that will help you to keep your lips hydrated.

Right Blush for The Cheeks

Blush is an essential thing that can wake up the complexion so try to have a peachy and soft blush only if you have warm or fair skin and if you have darker skin, then go with the terra cotta. The right way to apply the blush is to have it on the cheeks first then blend towards the cheekbones. Always apply like this for having the perfect blush.

For the winter, you can apply bronzer on the cheeks to compliment your winter look. You can also use a complementing eyeshadow or a creamy blusher with it for the evening look.

Nail It with The Bold Nail Polish

Selecting a suitable shade of nail polish is necessary for the winters. First, make sure that your nails have a perfect shape and filed for having a neat look. Blackberry, purple, copper, burgundy, and blue will look stunning during winters.

Nails will help you to amplify your look with the right shade. Matte colors are also in trend if you want to go with that!!


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