Beer Hacks You Had No Idea About

beer ice

If you love drinking beer, chances are that you are also someone who would love to make it a more integral part of your life. While there are a number of ways of doing so, the trend of creating life hacks is turning out to be the best way of integrating new life values into everything we do. Imagine holding a bottle of the best wheat beer in India and thinking of different ways you can use it in your life apart from drinking it and have non-stop fun. Sounds great, right?

So going in line with the trend, here are some amazing life hacks around beer that you must definitely try your hand at.

wheat beer

Beer is actually good for your hair, believe it or not. It can give you that smooth, lustrous, and luxurious look in your locks that you have always wanted. So after your shampoo, your hair and have used a conditioner, rinse your hair with a beer and then some water to add more shine to your hair.

  • Quick Chill Your Beer

A chilled beer is something that cannot be beaten by anything else, but how can you get a beer chilled when you just bought it? Nobody likes a warm beer which is why you need to find a way to get your beer to cool as fast as you can. Soak a paper towel in some water, squeeze the excess and wrap it around your beer bottle. Stick this into the freezer and in 10 to 15 minutes, you will have a perfectly chilled bottle of beer.

  • Mix with Fruit

There are a number of ways people either cut the bitterness of beer or enhance its taste to enjoy more of it in every sip. What if there was a way to do both? You can make a cocktail of your beer with some fruit juice to add more notes of flavor to your beer. Your best picks can be between apple juice, orange juice, and lemonade.

  • Beer Cubes

Water ice cubes are great to chill your beer, but when they melt, they make your beer watery, thus taking the essence of the beer out of the drink. To avoid this, save whatever excess beer you may have left or use a new one to freeze ice cubes of them, so the next time you can use these cubes instead of water ice.

Beer hacks are the best thing about the world of this golden beverage that everyone loves. Use these hacks by top beer brands in India to add more fun to your life and a twist to your favorite beer. 


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