Is Your Hair Color Fading Quickly? 8 Mistakes You Are Probably Making


In todays times, women prefer changing their looks as per season. Perhaps you also enjoy visiting salons in Great Falls to add a touch of glamour to your look by upgrading your hair color. But all this enjoyment lasts only for a few weeks because the hair color begins to fade. The hair also loses its luster and shine over time. If you experience the same every time after changing your hair color, you are probably making the following mistakes that fade away hair color quickly. Read on:

Not visiting the right salon for hair color

If you want perfectly colored hair, consider looking for the best hair color salon in Great Falls and avoid visiting any salon you find closer to your door. It is advisable to book an appointment with a hair colorist to know more about your hair quality, better hair color, and the best hair products to use. Do your research and book your appointment only after reading testimonials and reviews shared by clients on their websites.

Not telling your hair colorist about previous hair treatments

If you have colored your hair with at-home hair dye, let your colorist know. As they are hair experts and meet dozens of clients every day, they know how at-home dyes change hair texture. They can easily tell by looking at your hair strands. The more you tell them about your previous treatments, the easier it will be for them to remove the old dye. Without an accurate idea of how much pigment needs to be removed, they might not be able to provide you with their best service.

Wash your hair right after the service

You might be tempted to wash your hair after color treatment, but resist your urge and keep your mane away from water for at least 24 hours. The hair color takes time to settle, and washing it right after the treatment is probably the last thing you want to do. Even if your hair colorist has already washed it once, avoid getting into the shower without wearing a head cap.

Use wrong products on your colored hair

Not all shampoos are made for colored hair. Irrespective of how long you have been using the same shampoo, switch to the one formulated for color protection if you are planning to change the shade of your hair. Color-safe shampoo prevents fading of color and keeps your hair healthy despite chemical treatment. It is also advisable to avoid using shampoo with ingredients like sulfates as they degrade your hairs quality and make them brittle and dry.

Wash your hair too much

When you wash your head, even when your hair doesnt need cleaning, the color begins to fade quicker. Even when you dont use any hair product, minerals in the water make your hair color dull. If you want to protect your hair color and prevent water from reaching your hair stands, always wear a cap when you shower. Also, say no to long hot showers as it makes your hair dry and brittle.

Never cover your head

The consequences of staying too long under direct sun rays are known to the world. While you keep your skin protected by harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen, your hair stays unprotected. There are, fortunately, plenty of ways to protect your hair. Wearing a scarf or cap, for instance, is a great way to keep direct harsh sun rays away.

Use alcohol-based styling products

You may visit the best hair color salon in Great Falls for your desired hair color, but you cannot keep it from fading if you continue to use alcohol-based hair products. Using alcohol-based products can make your hair dry, dull, and prone to breakage. Whether you apply hairsprays or gels to style your hair, keep your mane looking vibrant by water-based and color-safe products that are alcohol-free.

Not giving attention to hair maintenance

Trying new hair products is indeed fun. But it may not be a wise decision, especially if you have colored your hair. As mentioned already, not all products are made color-safe. And trying different formulas, one after the other can damage your beautiful mane. Instead of experimenting with your hair care regime, be consistent. Stick to color-protection hair products to make your hair color last longer. And if you are unsure what will be best for your hair, consider scheduling a hair coloring appointment with a renowned hair colorist in Great Falls for hair maintenance guidance.

These were a few common mistakes most women with colored hair make. Taking a few precautions and spending more time on hair care can keep your beautiful mane healthy and hair color last for months.

If you are all ready for a new look, book an appointment with a renowned hair colorist in Great Falls, VA, right away!


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