Worried About Blocked Drains? – Look Out For A Professional!

blocked drains

Did you understand the initial warning sign of the blocked drains? Generally, when the sink does not get free or is quite slowly draining, it’s time for you to take any kind of initiative. It is of no use after your shower tray blocks become a water pool or there are unpleasant odors. The most unwanted situation for a homeowner is a clogged drain. You need to deal quickly before the drain is blocked completely as it might worsen the situation like a pipe burst.

Be it a toilet, bathtub, or sink, a blocked drain slows down the passage of dirty water bringing your whole day to a halt. Every day so many utensils including glasses, pots, and pans are scrubbed in the kitchen and each family member frequently uses bathrooms. You will never want a drain that is blocked with animal corpses, human excreta, and foul-smelling rotten objects. There are several sink cleaning liquids and drain cleaning powders available in the market, but you can do it yourself, or call in professionals to unblock the drainage system.

Nothing much will happen if you remove the excess hair or hard substances before they settle down at the surface of the drain. Try out everything possible to avoid blockages but if it persists, you just need a professional to rescue from blocked drains.

What are the Risks Associated with Blocked Drains?

It is very important to take necessary actions on suspecting a clogged drain. Overflowing sewage is a health hazard and unrepaired damaged drains may further harm your property in the long run. Stagnant water emits a stuffy smell, which can go up to the surface and seep into the house thus creating an unpleasant and unhealthy environment. Water can also drip into the corners leading to water stains and discoloration. The area may even become prone to flooding. Moreover, mosquitoes, pests, and insects carrying germs and diseases are also attracted to stagnant water. They also make the area more prone to mold and bacteria. Professional drain cleaning services can easily be consulted if you contact your friends and relatives, and you can also go in for the local classifieds, to get an idea about how to clear blocked drains.

Let’s Check Some Signs of Blocked Drains

Understand the early signs of a blocked drain to avoid property damage or health issues for residents. Some signs are:

Foul Smell:

Homeowners notice the unpleasant smell of the sink area as it is an initial sign in most cases. You might experience a sewage-like scent in your bathroom or when someone forgets to flush. This should not go unnoticed rather take the first step and contact the professional immediately.

Gurgling Sound:

When you experience an unusual gurgling sound using the sink or bathroom tap, it might be an early sign of blockage. Get it checked by an expert who will check and remove chances of further block in the drain.


When you see water leakage or overflow which is not usual. , it is an alarm that you need an expert. You are facing a blockage and need to call a professional.

Slow Drainage:

If the sink does not empty quickly or the water in the bathroom does not sink fast, it is a clear sign of a blocked drain. Of course, such an issue will not get better by itself rather will worsen if timely measures are not taken.

Let’s Check Ways To Deal With Blocked Drains

1. Use Either Baking Soda or Vinegar:

Home remedies are the first step towards cleaning the blockage of the drain till the time the professional arrives. Baking soda and vinegar are effective cleaners that you can use simply by mixing equal portions of baking soda vinegar for unblocking a drain. Mix it quickly and as soon as you notice fizz, pour the mixture straight down the sink. Flush it only after it settles down in an hour or you can keep it overnight for the best effect.

2. Use a Bent Wire Hanger:

Use of a wire coat hanger as a hook to pull out the gunk is the best you can do. Remove hair or other nasty stuff out of the drain and run the hot water to clean things up properly. Most of the time the blocks caused due to the dirt, oily greases, and the hair stuck in the trap may be cleared easily.

3. Use Dish Detergent:

A clogged toilet can be cleaned by pouring dish detergent into the bowl. Boil some water and dish soap to use it to break down the greasy residue as the mixture acts as a lubricant. You will have to plug out the gunk after pouring the hot water down. You can use a plunger or rubber gloves to pull out dirt from the blocked drain.

Conclusion, Call a Professional:

All the measures informed above might work or might not work to clean the blockage but you have to necessarily make a call to the professional plumber for a blocked drains solution. The expert will check out the issue, find a better solution, and advise you on a few steps to avoid such problems again in the future.


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