How Can You Safely Store and Organise Your Jewellery?

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Although diamond is one of the sturdiest gemstones in the world, it is vulnerable to scratches and chips as well. Therefore it is crucial to safely store your diamond jewellery to maintain its shine and luster. In this post, let us explore the correct ways to store and organise your jewellery. It will help you in keeping them untangled, clean, and shining. 

Jewellery Storage Tips

  • Gemstone experts from the top wholesale gemstone dealers recommend avoiding humid and extreme temperature conditions for storing jewellery. On the contrary, you should store them at a dry and cool place.
  • Make sure your jeweller is clean and free of any dust particles. You can use a mix of warm water and a mild soap solution to clean your diamond jewellery. Avoid using harsh chemicals as it can damage your precious jewellery. Here are some simple storage tips for you:
  • You should always pick a jewellery box that comes with a soft lining cloth. It will safeguard your expensive jewellery from any scratches and chips.
  • Make sure you clean your jewellery after every use. Dust particles can damage its surface, making it look dull and lusterless.
  • Make sure you use soft linen cloth to clean your expensive gemstone jewellery. Abrasive rubbing can scratch the surface of your diamonds. Just a gentle wipe is enough to maintain their twinkle and shine. 

Jewellery Organising Tips

Organising different types of jewellery is an art. Keep reading on as we highlight come crucial jewellery organising tips for you.

  • Experts recommend using separate boxes for storing diamonds and other gemstones. Every gemstone has its special properties and storing them together under the same weather condition can hamper their sparkle. therefore, you should use different jewellery boxes for storing gemstones and diamond jewellery.
  • The market is flooded with different types of jewellery boxes. But you should pick a large jewellery box that has multiple compartments. It will help you in keeping your jewellery items organised and safe from clinging onto each other.
  • Another easy and safe way of organising your exquisite jewellery is by its type. In other words, you should keep all the earrings in a separate pouch, rings in a jewellery box, neckpieces in a big drawer set, and so on. It will help in finding your favourite jewellery quite easy and quick. 


This was all about storing and organising your jewellery. You can also consult gemstone experts from the best gemstone manufacturer in India for a better understanding. Remember, you can increase the life of your precious diamonds and gemstones by storing them in the right manner.


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