New Years Resolutions for your Home

New year 2021

The pandemic has forced us to spend most of 2020 indoors. Now that January has arrived, you must be looking forward to holidaying more, losing weight, quitting smoke, or spending quality time alone. But what about the place you are going to spend most of the year in?

You guessed it right. We are talking about your Flats on JLN Marg. We believe home is where our heart is. But having a more comfortable, better organised, and lovelier nest will definitely work wonders. This year, let us chalk down some new year’s resolutions for your home.

Cut Down on Energy

Issues like global warming, deforestation, and depletion of resources are surrounding the world rapidly. This year why not resolve to cut down on energy usage? Every contribution counts and can help make the earth a better place to live. How can you go about it?

It is very simple: switch off the lights when you are done, turn the taps off, learn to recycle, invest in eco-friendly products, and insulate your ductwork. These things can make your home more comfortable with minimum energy bills.

Clear Kitchen Cupboards

We all have somewhere down the line made a habit of stocking up groceries during the pandemic. As things begin to ease on, it is high time you give some fresh air to your kitchen cupboards.

Shift all the groceries that you are not frequently using to another drawer. Similarly, keep all the daily required groceries in one place. That’s it. Some simple efforts and your kitchen is all-new again.

Keep a check on your Shoes and Apparels

This pandemic has taught us how important it is to save for uncertain times. So start your 2021 with a resolution to save more on materialistic things like shoes and apparel. Fashion experts recommend keeping just 4 to 5 pairs of shoes that will go with multiple colours.

Similarly, avoid going over the board with your dresses. Get a multi-functional cupboard that can accommodate both your shoes and dresses. Whoa! This idea can save you a lot of space as well.

Install Durable and Low-Maintenance Materials

As the year shift, you should also shift towards materials that are durable and demand low maintenance. Some simple examples are using hollow bricks to construct a home on Plots in Bagru, using water-proof and fire-proof fibre-cement roofs, and installing LED bulbs. Moreover, you can also use artificial flowers to decorate your home if you are too busy to get fresh flowers every day.

homeSo these were some practical new year resolutions for your home in Jaipur. Apart from these, make sure you invest some time in charity and recycling products. Let us make 2021, a year of blessings and sharing. Happy New Year!


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