What is the Difference Between Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones?


It is indeed a huge deal of tension when you have to choose from a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Moreover, when you are constantly worried about which one is precious and which one is a semi-precious gemstone then it may leave you frustrated. Today, we dedicate this blog of ours to the understanding of the basic yet important differences between the two types of stones (as mentioned here). This is going to save you a lot of ordeals and you can buy the desired gemstones from wholesale gemstones suppliers easily. So, wait no longer and read all the points thoroughly.

The Fabulous Fours

The basic aspects to look for, in any stone, with a layman’s eyes are its 

  • Quality 
  • Rarity 
  • Beauty 
  • Price 

Once you are convinced about these fours, you must probe a little further and look into the second set of the most vital points of differentiation. 

  • Hardness: Precious stones like diamonds are way harder and stronger than semi-precious ones. Therefore, you can check their durability by heating them in the fire. If the stone succumbs to the heat then it is not hard enough and if it does, well the answer is quite clear. 
  • Price: You really cannot differentiate between precious and semi-precious stones based on their prices. The entire price range depends on the carat quality. Yet, the most valuable precious stones come off as pretty costly as compared to the semi-precious ones. 
  • Availability: Rarity in stones is well heard of for centuries. There is no doubt in the fact that rare and precious stones are rare and most of the time the easily available semi-precious stones are sold off as precious stones. Beware of such frauds and concentrate on their availability. 
  • Types: Diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby are the only precious stones. Besides these, all the rest are semi-precious stones. 

Why do you need to verify these points?

There are several reasons why you need to be aware of these aspects. One is of course to keep frauds at bay and the rest are 

  • To keep your customers’ faith intact in you 
  • To supply, buy and sell only genuine precious and semi-precious stones 
  • To prepare yourself to buy the different types of stones only from guaranteed suppliers 
  • To make sure that the stones are of first-rate quality 

The precious gemstone suppliers are quite well spread in the market. And almost all give you the assurance of supplying the best quality gemstones. Now, whether they are precious or semi-precious ones, is a different story altogether. That is why you must deal only with the most reliable ones who give you the best quality stones, undoubtedly!


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