Top 10 Designer Clothing Brands For Women In USA

Top 10 Designer Clothing Brands For Women In USA

It’s time to dress up in ethnic clothing and draw attention when the wedding bells begin to ring. Indian clothing makes us feel more like members of the culture when we wear it. Examining the fabric and pattern quality is also vital when purchasing ethnic clothing. These are a few high-quality designer clothing brands that offer a modern selection of traditional apparel.

These ethnic wear manufacturers have continuously attempted to offer visually stunning, stylish, and top-class traditional wear like sarees, lehengas, kurtis, suits, and gowns in an effort to preserve the distinctiveness of the Indian ensemble while embracing evolving trends. The most prestigious luxury fashion clothing is available from these leading ethnic wear brands in the USA in a variety of styles, materials, and hues.

The Top Fashion-Upgrading Designer Clothing Brands

Recently, some upscale clothing companies put on their best shows with creative sales of multicultural clothing. They also created reliable style manuals that combined the most popular Indian attire with the most recent fashion trends. The shops on the list of USA ethnic wear retailers below carry the newest ethnic and Indian clothing to assist you step up your style game.

  • Meena Bazaar

Do you have to dress outrageously to blend in at your celebrations? Hence, please stop your search. A wonderful way to satisfy a seasonal craving is to purchase something from Meena Bazar. Their website offers a wide range of options, including stitched and unstitched suit sets, traditional Banarasi sarees, and elegant crepe sarees. If you’re preparing for your next special occasion, they have a variety of choices available, such as suits, gowns, and Indo-Western attire.

Moreover, you can purchase various products from this location, including matching artificial gems.

  • AMPM

The management of the AMPM brand is in the hands of Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi, a creative design duo. The 2002-founded business aspires to have Creativity paired with undeniable quality as its tagline.

Their versatile designs and sophisticated clothing make it effortless to transition from early pujas to evening gatherings. AMPM is the perfect choice when you seek apparel that is understated yet distinctive. 

Choose a Chanderi suit, and AMPM will turn you into the ball’s most stylish girl.

  • The UBAK

The ethnic designer clothing treats that UBAK offers are delicious for women. It is a 17-year-old fashion brand that Mrs. Arry Kaur operates in India, Canada, and the USA. In addition to growing domestically, the brand has also grown internationally. The company’s motto is “You name it, we’ll source it for you,” reflecting their commitment to fulfilling customers’ requests. Therefore, all the team needs is your preferences so that they can tailor an outfit just for you. UBAK enriches your wardrobe with a diverse selection of luxurious fashion garments, available in a multitude of vibrant colors, whether it’s for a wedding or a casual get-together.

  • Westside’s Vark

TATACliq showcases an extensive range of stylish Indian apparel from the renowned Vark label by Westside. For ethnic wear, the suit sets with dupattas are perfect. They are well-made and plainly clad, but despite this, the sheen on their clothing gives them a cheerful look and feel. You can purchase everything you need for a morning puja, family gathering, or extravagant party in one place thanks to Vark’s wide collection. This collection caters to various budgets and offers options that suit different levels of extravagance in attire.

  • Melange

Melange by Lifestyle, one of India’s most well-known ethnic wear retailers, provides both formal ethnic attire for conferences and formal ethnic attire for ceremonies and festive occasions. The company picked Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador for 2020 in order to further reinforce its “Rethink Ethnic” theme.

The company’s goal, to re-evaluate traditional art genres, is perfectly illustrated by the work in Melange’s collection. You have a lot of options when buying at Melange because of the wide assortment of kurtis, churidars, and dupattas.

  • Indya By Fablley,

For Western apparel, the renowned firm Faballey promises exquisite patterns of the highest caliber. They came up with “Indya,” a trendy take on conventional Indian attire that is well-liked by Indian women. If there was something eye-catching, you would surely want to get some of it for a special occasion.

For Indya, well-known designers like Nikhil Thampi have designed a complete line so you can relax at home this holiday season in a modern fashion.

With the affordable apparel available during this wedding season, you won’t overspend.

  • Raw Mango

Do you want to project a moving poet persona throughout the puja season? Explore the enchanting Raw Mango collection by Sanjay Garg and choose a few captivating pieces. Allow Raw Mango’s exquisite patterns to inspire you and celebrate your Indian heritage.

Choose a kurti, saree, or even a flowing dupatta from their collection to shine this holiday season. Raw Mango seamlessly incorporates Indian philosophy, art, and culture into its designs.

They embrace vibrant colors and intricate patterns to emulate the essence of Raw Mango’s style. With a Raw Mango outfit, you will be utterly gorgeous.

  • Pantaloons’ Akkriti

Akkriti is one of the leading ethnic wear companies in India for women who enjoy dressing in Indo-Western attire. It belongs to the multinational retailer Pantaloons. 

The company has gained popularity for its chic kurta styles, eye-catching patterns, and pockets. These are all peculiar features of ethnic clothing

Akkriti by Pantaloons provides a selection of ethnic apparel alternatives in a range of sizes, including plus sizes, for both men and women.

  • Fabindia

The company’s slogan is “Celebrating India,” and the products it creates faithfully capture modern Indian culture. It offers a wide variety of ethnic apparel made by skilled local Indian artisans. It is one of India’s most well-known manufacturers of ethnic designer clothing, selling its products in countries including the United States, Italy, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. 

  • W For Women

Indian brand W for Women, founded in 2001, sells contemporary Indian clothes. The company is ahead of the fashion curve thanks to its new and stylish solutions.

You may get unique apparel from this store that is difficult to find elsewhere. Would you be interested in donning a classic jumpsuit? They have extensive wealth! Enhancing your look can be achieved by adding unique elements such as a jacket, stole, scarf, or other stylish accessories.


After looking through the above list, we hope you’ve chosen your top designer clothing labels differently. These companies are the leading exporters of Indian ethnic clothing to the USA. We have compiled this list of distinctive luxury fashion labels to help you look your absolute dazzle during the wedding season.

In order to be the star of any gathering, browse the selection and select your favorite outfit.

Cheers to shopping!


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