9 Key Things to Avoid When Getting a Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Personal loans do not demand collateral, which is why people can use them to meet expenses. There is no restriction on their usage. Borrowers avail of personal loans for specific needs. It must be ensured that the loans are not misused for irrational or unfavorable purposes.

Considering a personal loan? Switch to the Fullerton India InstaLoan App. It is a quick loan app where you can compare many loans and choose your best-suited personal loan online without hassle. Personal loans are often used to finance important financial commitments, such as major purchases or extra expenditures. The majority of the borrowers prefer personal loans for want of funds for their purposes. These financial institutions provide these loans to individuals and companies in a very short span of time. However, some organizations have taken advantage of this facility by trapping people into using this form of credit facility in an improper way. These people make use of illegal means to launder resources through personal loans by misusing the facility to fulfill their personal needs in unlawful ways. 

This article talks about 9 common mistakes people make that you must avoid while considering a personal loan.

Missing out on comparable loan options

The factors related to a personal loan include closure charges, processing fees, interest rates, and more that need to be compared before applying. You can compare these parameters to determine your eligibility for a personal loan that suits you.

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Ignoring the repayment tenure

The tenure must not be too short because you need money to pay off the EMI but not too long to downgrade your credit for the long term. It is why thinking wisely before selecting a repayment tenure is significant. 

Make a considered decision regarding the tenure selection. 

Applying at multiple lending institutions at once

Applying for multiple loans at once is not advisable. A hard check run by lending institutions you have applied to may result in the rejection of all your loan applications. 

Even if you manage to obtain more than one approval, it might be detrimental in the long run. 

Weighing yourself down with too many personal loans simultaneously

When you are falling short of the total desired loan amount, it does not mean that you should apply for a second loan. 

Getting another loan at that time can downgrade your credit history while increasing your monthly expenses. 

Delaying EMI payments

Not paying your dues on time is a crucial factor that causes credit score degradation. Skipping EMI payments or making late payments can damage your credit history, making it difficult to get loans in the future. 

Do you know what can be a contributing factor leading to delays in loan repayments? Let’s find out.

Using the loan amount for unfavorable activities

Investing the loan amount in the stock market or shares to gain good returns is very risky and should be avoided. 

For any speculative investment, the risks are enormous. You may lose your entire money and be burdened with a huge debt. Hence, it is suggested not to use your loan money for any unfavorable activity.

Not reading the terms properly

Before signing a loan document, it is essential to go through all the terms and conditions. It will help you understand different factors as well as prevent you from encountering discrepancies in the future.

Losing track of essential documents

At the time of the loan disbursement, you will be provided with a few documents. Reading the documents and reviewing them carefully is a part of your job as a borrower.

If you find any discrepancy or an error in the documents, you should contact the lender immediately to make the necessary corrections.

Irrational borrowing

Avail the amount you need, not what you are eligible for! A loan of a significant amount you don’t need can cause more harm than good to your credit history and expenditure. 

It is advisable to use the amount you require, be fully aware of the terms and conditions, spend the loan amount for valid needs, and repay the EMIs on schedule. 


Personal loans are very popular these days. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer personal loans over other types of financial products such as bank loans and credit cards. But there are also downsides to these debts, which can affect your budget and finances, even if you use them smartly.

You may be taking a personal loan to tackle unexpected expenses. But before applying for a loan, it is good to know what you really need the money for. The first thing to understand is your financial situation before you apply for any loan and that’s why we have identified some key things that you should know when taking a personal loan.


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