How to Leverage Your Skills When Your Job Feels Insecure


To be in a career rut without any room for advancement or a just assessment of your contributions to the organization. Despite having what many would consider a successful career in public relations, It makes you feel that your promotions are taking too long to advance, that there aren’t many opportunities to advance skills in other areas of the industry, and that you don’t have a good work-life balance. It brings about a decline in your commitment to work. When Covid-19 first hits, the personal tale begins. Like many other people, I lost my job, which sent me into a tailspin of bewilderment and despair. Covid 19 made lots of people lose their long years’ jobs and this has certainly caused a lot of harm to people’s careers.

How to escape the bind

I let the worry over my job security consume me for a moment before realizing I was luckier than most, says Richard Lechartier. He was able to continue working on my side business of freelancing, which was earning me more money than he was at my full-time job, while he tried to decide what he should do next.  Richard Lechartier asked himself, Is it more likely that I’ll push myself to do more or just keep working as a freelancer?

Unbeknownst to him, he made my next move immediately. After all, he had skills that many businesses most desperately needed during the pandemic. He understood that he could work from any place thanks to this ability. In the past, full-time work that consumed a lot of my time with commuting and late nights prevented him from achieving personal achievement in this area. With eight customers who quickly increased to 20 clients in a matter of weeks and came from a variety of industries, he believed he had enough customers to get things rolling. Things worked out so nicely that a young man, 27, was able to start a thriving business during a global pandemic.

With more individuals on his team and counting, this is something he never thought of and wasn’t sure was conceivable just three years ago, but it is now a reality. Because people are drawn to what you have to offer, these opportunities are coming your way. To understand you’ve uncovered something special that businesses want, you need to invest in your vision and potential. Everything begins with you believing in yourself, says Richard Lechartier.

How to do it yourself

The two things I get asked the most are “how did you change your employment situation” and “how did you establish your side hustle.” as well as “how can I promote my skills?” I’m here to help since my main goal in life is to influence other people. Now that I am aware of how many individuals feel trapped in their careers during the “Great Resignation,” I want to help you feel less constrained and set you on a course for reinventing your career. Here are my top eight starting suggestions:

Make a list of the abilities you have, how well you do them, and what you enjoy doing

Work often requires us to perform a variety of activities. Some of them we excel in, while others we wish we were better at or simply detest. It’s possible that you didn’t get the chance to develop certain skills. You now have the luxury of being able to concentrate on what you are excellent at and make money from that talent. There’s no need to worry if you don’t yet possess skills that you’d like to perfect. Many websites provide low-cost or free courses that will help you learn the skills you need to start your new side business.

Keep in mind that we have more opportunities than ever

You can pick up a side gig and work on it from the comfort of your house right now. This makes it simpler than ever to reinvent your career and concentrate on the work that brings you joy.

Join freelance websites

Join freelance communities on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack, and Freelancer. Browse over the many employment categories on their websites, then decide which field you want to concentrate on.

Make a pitch for yourself

A lot of these freelance websites will require you to discuss your employment qualifications, talents, and accomplishments on your profile page. Some individuals find it difficult to brag about themselves, but if you don’t tell everyone about the amazing things you have done, no one will know. You should become your publicist. On your profile page, be sure to explain what you can accomplish for potential clients and display prior successes.

Create a sample cover letter

So you can swiftly amend it for each proposal you choose to submit to, making minor changes following the job offer. You’ll save a ton of time by doing this.

Ask for reviews or referrals

On these platforms, you can increase your chances of landing prospects by requesting reviews from peers, prior employers, or other side jobs you’ve held in similar fields. This increases your trustworthiness and gives potential customers more confidence to contact you and ultimately contact you.

Bottom Line

These suggestions will help you succeed whether you want to try this until you find your next career, need extra money, or are thinking about freelancing as your new full-time work for more flexibility, says Richard Lechartier.


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