Why Hire a Cocktail Catering Service Provider?

Cocktail Catering
Cocktail Catering

Making cocktails is an art, and not every caterer can handle cocktail catering service with expertise. So, whether you are hosting a private party or a corporate event, if you have planned to set up a bar, you should consider hiring a professional cocktail catering expert. Undoubtedly, drinks are one of the major attractions of any event, and it would only make sense to serve them with a little more thought, care and curation. With people growing more conscious and careful towards the drinks served at their event, many cocktail caterers are booming in the industry. Let’s have a look at the importance and services that they offer.

Tasks Handled by Specialist Caterers

Hosts hiring cocktail catering service would get the full cocktail bar at their event. Whether the guests ask for a basic on-the-rocks drink or they demand a ‘call’ cocktail, the specialist caterers will make the best arrangement for them with the available ingredients. Typically, the cocktail catering service engulfs the following tasks at an event:

Cocktail Catering
Cocktail Catering
  • Setting up the whole bar
  • Cleaning up the site
  • Bringing ice bins for chilling beer and wines
  • Arranging the bar linens and tables
  • Bringing the ice, coolers, glasses
  • Handling still and sparkling water
  • Serving non-alcoholic beverages as well, like fresh juices and sodas
  • Garnishing the cocktails with shrubs, bitters, fresh herbs, juniper berries, syrups, sours, and citrus squeezes
  • Providing guidance for purchasing alcohol and their best pairings

Importance of Hiring Cocktail Catering Service

Hiring a cocktail caterer is important, probably due to the following reasons:

Professional cocktail caterers are experts at making a varied range of cocktails. They know how to choose and select the perfect mixture of ingredients to make the cocktails unique and more enjoyable. Not only this, but they are also trained in serving the cocktails in an entertaining way. So, when you hire cocktail catering experts, you can be sure that they will take care of your guests in the best possible way.

If you are concerned about the full satisfaction level of your guests, then there is no option better than hiring a cocktail catering service provider. These experts are passionate about crafting and serving cocktails so that your guests do not need to make their own drinks and you do not have to limit their drinking options to whiskey, wine, vodka and beer only. Serving them customized cocktails will always be a more impressive and favourable option. So, having a caterer make the drinks will keep everyone free to enjoy the event and participate in the festivities. Imagine the professional mixologists concocting tantalizing cocktails, including the tropical and vibrant Mai Tai, ensuring every guest experiences a taste of paradise.

The caterer will suggest you the best wines and liquors according to your budget. So, You won’t believe, but even the budget-friendly drinks can be used by an expert to make unforgettable cocktails for your guests, provided that the caterer is trained, creative and experienced in his or her niche. On the other hand, even the costliest of drinks may not satisfy your guests if they are not mixed well.

There are several tools that are required to make the right cocktails. A cocktail caterer will not only come with all these tools but will also know how to make the best use of them to prepare and serve the best cocktails. Such tools include the garnishing trays, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, etc. This would ensure that the entire cocktail catering is handled with the utmost level of quality, taste, service and safety.

All in all, hiring a cocktail catering service will not only add a visual appeal to your event but will also satisfy your drink-loving guests in the most professional manner. The bar set up at your event will become a perfect area for your guests to mingle and enjoy together.


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