Easy DIY Techniques For Termite Control

Termite Control

Termites are also known as the silent destroyer and they can eat up your property without knocking the door. Termites are one of the most dangerous pests and if you do not take them seriously you are going lose millions of dollars. Termites can attack your property at any time and if you have already identified their nest around your home or business space, you should take action before it is too late.

If you have encountered termites at any part of your property, you should get prepared to fight against them. Hiring professionals is the best way to deal with such wood-chewing pests. But if you don’t have budgets to call them don’t get disheartened, you can also apply some ‘Do It Yourself’ methods for termite control. Read the article and get prepared to fight termites.

Inspect Your Property Time to Time

Termites can destroy your million-dollar property without making any sound. You have to identify the sign of termite invasion before taking any step to prevent them. Mud tubes are the sign of termite presence and you can find them over concrete structures and wooden furniture.

Termites love tasty wood and they can easily make their ways to reach any kind of wooden structure. Thus, it is very important to inspect your property from time to time and take necessary termite control measures if required.

Termite Control

Keep Wood Stock Away

As we have mentioned before, termites love wood and they silently make their ways toward their food. Wood piles can be the home of millions of termites and they can spread from wooden piles to your home. If the piles of woods are a few meters away from the building, it will be quite easy for termites to invade in your home.

If you have anything like this around your house, where termites can build their nests, keep them at least 20 feet away. This is one of the most important things you can do for termite control.

Apply Natural Ingredients

Using chemical products at the beginning will not be a good idea if you have no experience of it. Natural ingredients like orange oil can be a good choice if you are looking for natural ingredients to get rid of termites. Orange oil comes with active compounds that can keep termites away from your property.

Botanical ingredients are also effective and you can use them without any hesitation. Botanical ingredients can act as a termite repellent and you can use them for termite control in the areas vulnerable to termite attacks.

Termites Hate Sunlight 

Termites do not like the sunlight and that is probably why they do not come under it. Termites build mud tubes to travel and they rarely come under the sunlight. They probably cannot bear the heat of sunlight, as direct sun exposure can kill them.

If possible, let the sunlight in and keep termites away from your house. If you can direct the sunlight to an infected area, termites will move away from the area immediately. If you have some infested furniture, bring them under the sunlight and see how termites come out and run here and there.

Call Professionals

Termite Control

DIY method for termite control will not work if the level of infestation is high and calling professionals will be the best move in such a situation. Termite infestation can be found at any place; it can be inside the attic, under the floor, inside the walls or any other hard-to-reach places. Mostly, you will find them in shady & damp areas of the house.  Reaching such corners to eliminate termites can be a difficult task for you and this can easily lead to serious injury. Professionals use advanced tools and techniques to reach such places.

Although you can save some money by opting for DIY methods, professional termite control services can give you long term solutions that can save your money in the long run.


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