Kids’ Favorite Fruit Flavored Candy & Its Process

fruit candy

Candy, (sugar candy, fruit candy, vegetable candy, or nut candy) also known as sweet by the British and lollies by Australians is majorly made from sugar. Eighty percent of its constituents are made from sugar. Candy is made in smaller pieces, unlike cake or loaves that are made in larger pieces. Candy ideas and their constituents differ by culture. Some are served as dessert and some casually. Snacking on it or eating it with your fingers are both acceptable methods of consumption as well.

Under Sugar candy classifications, we have Marshmallows, taffy, caramels, hard candies, and soft candies. They are characterized according to how much sugar they contain and how their chemical composition resembles that of other sugar candies. Lemon drops, stick candy and horehound drops are produced by a process called the vacuum cooking process. And they are also classified under hard-boiled candies.

Taffies are cooked on an open fire and then pulled. Nuts, candies, and jelly beans are made inside a pan. To make a gum work candy, large kettles meant for melting are used in its preparation. They are melted, molded, and dried and are placed inside sugar or sprinkled with sugar like gumdrops. For crystals formation, they are soaked in sugar syrup. Fruit shaped candy contains sugar, color, flavor, and little water. This kind of candy is made into different fruit shapes.

Fruit Candy

Fruit candy can be a small piece, whole, or fruit peel immersed in sugar syrup. The moisture absorbed by the fruit preserves it for a longer period.  The absorption of the syrup by the fruits keeps it from the growth of microorganisms as they create an unfavorable environment for its growth.

Fruit candy includes cherries, pineapples, dates, ginger roots, etc., while the peeled ones are orange and citron.

Its method of preparation differs from culture to culture. But generally, fruits are boiled and immersed into sugar solutions or syrup for weeks and then dried.

There are various types of fruity candy flavors, it all depends on your favorite. We have raspberry, pineapple, apple, watermelon, cherry orange, lemon, and lots more. Below is the most fruit flavored candy.

Jolly rancher

These candies last longer in the mouth. And are bombarded with various fruits. Various fruits like blue raspberry, apple, watermelon grape, and original fruits flavors. They are also planning to include sour taste and cinnamon


This is a very common fruit candy. They come in rainbow colors and are characterized by hard exteriors and are very chewy. They have five flavors which are strawberry, limes, orange, grape, and lemon. More flavors have also been introduced.

Gummy bears fruit candy

This chewy and soft treat has been since the 1920s. They are delicious and fun to chew. They come in different flavors. It tastes like candy sweet like fruit. Gummy bears were first produced by Haribo, but currently, other companies are producing gummy bears.


This is one of the best fruit candies on the market since 1929. Its made in a traditional fashioned way and has maintained its reputation since its introduction. They are very chewy and their best flavor is the strawberry flavor. Other flavor includes lemonade, orange, watermelon, and other flavors.

Sour patch kids

Its sour and sweet taste has made it stand out. When placed in the mouth, it first gives a sour pucker taste and gives a sweet aftertaste. For sour fruit candy lovers, it’s the best choice for you. Since 1979, Its original flavors are raspberry, lemon, lime, and orange.


Nerds fruit candy is both sour and sweet. its first bite gives a sour taste and then ends with sweetness. Its box is divided into two containing different flavors. You can either choose to savor both flavors and savor each flavor one after the other. Its original flavor is grape, cherry, orange, and watermelon. Currently, wildberry, peach, lemon, and watermelon flavors have been introduced.


This juicy fruit candy has been since 1967. Its soft and chewy bites give an irresistible flavor and this has captured many lovers of candy.

Swedish fish

This fruit candy is made in a fish shape and it has been since1950. The flavors in Swedish fish fruit candy have captivated both children and adults. Its type of berry has been confusing to a lot of people. Some say it’s raspberry while others say it’s cherry. But as long as its flavor is endearing, it is a must to try it out.


It is a hard fruit candy and it has an extremely sour flavor. When placed inside the mouth, it makes you squint your eyes and twist your face but a delicious fruit candy. It was originated from Taiwan and entered North America in the 1980s.

Preparation of fruit candy

The ingredients or recipes for the preparation of fruit candy differ from one region to another but the general principle remains the same. Making fruit candy is very easy.

Let’s take for instance the preparation of pineapple candy.

Ingredients: 4 cups of sugar and 1 moderate size pineapple


  1. Peel the pineapple, remove the eyes and slice it into cubes.
  2. Prepare the syrup by using one part of water to two parts of sugar.
  3. You can then boil the pineapple in the syrup prepared above and let it stay overnight in the syrup.
  4. Strain the pineapple and wash it well in water.
  5. Place in a solar drier for about 20 hours or alternately place under the sun.
  6. Make it cool down
  7. Wrap it up with cellophane
  8. Place and seal in a plastic bag.


Everyone, especially children, loves candy, just every other tasty snack. Artificial flavoring, processed ingredients, and lots of chemicals are some of the problems with store-bought candy. But the good thing is that you can prepare a homemade fruit candy once you have the ingredients.  Various fruits like mangoes, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and more can be used to make your favorite fruit candy.

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