5 Things You Need to Know for Hiring a Wedding Caterer

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Planning a wedding? Then surely you know, what a big headache it is!! So, as soon as you’ve booked the wedding venue, it will be good to book a wedding caterer as well. I am saying this because I have seen many people booking any of the caterers without having proper knowledge about them because of time shortage.

We also had such experience after booking the wedding catering services in Ludhiana for a family wedding. We had no time at the last moment that made us comprising our food menu and its taste. That’s why I am suggesting you for selecting the best wedding caterers with the best food menu and quality.

Here, I have listed up some important things that should be considered by you for having the best catering services. So, here are the few things that you need to know before hiring any of the food caterers-

Budget for The Catering Services

Like you have a budget for everything at your wedding, just make sure you have a proper budget for catering also. But don’t forget about the dessert table and wedding cake as they are not included in catering. So, keep them separate!!

You do not need to spend much of money on the food but if you are fond of food and want to spend more money on this, then you can allocate less for décor and flowers. It depends on you.

Select the Right Wedding Caterer

Looking for the right wedding caterer? Then all the best!! Because this is the toughest and most responsible task to do. Like every other wedding vendor, it should also be in your budget with the best food quality and wedding food menu.

Make sure he is qualified or not? Check to see that all the ingredients and products he is using are fresh or not? Don’t forget to taste the food. For checking the skills of food presentation, see some of the pictures of his previous orders. If you find everything perfect according to your needs, then hire him!!

Trendy Themes and Menus at The Wedding

Have you decided what wedding theme you are going for? Are you going for Boho Chic, Rustic Charm, Classic Romance or vintage glam? You can also try the theme from any movie. Probably you’ve already decided that and your food menu should be matched with the theme too!!

Discuss all the views about your wedding theme with the caterer so that he can prepare all the food according to that. While choosing the menu style, just think that it will go with your wedding theme or not?

Staff and Equipment for The Proper Arrangements

Can you imagine the wedding caterers without proper staff and equipment? No … right? Make sure the wedding caterer you’re hiring, has appropriate equipment including chairs, tables, linens, plates, glasses, silverware, and cooking appliances or not?

Ask them, if they require space in the wedding venue to cook. Check to see if they have sufficient staff or not? Their staff should be cooperative with the guests and ask them to arrange one staff person per table for convenience.

Be Careful with Contract

Before signing any of contract with the caterer, make sure you’ve discussed all the things to him. Do they have contracts with more people? Will there be any additional charges for food? Make sure all the things that you’ve asked verbally are mentioned in the written contract.

Ask him to provide you an invoice so that you can see what are the things you are being charged for? Finally, after clearing all the pre and post charges of food and services, sign the contract!!

So, hire a catering vendor after satisfying all these things. By keeping these in mind at the time of selecting a vendor, you will be able to hire a full-service wedding caterer that will provide you best catering services.

Wedding caterers don’t just cook but they also do all the arrangements from arranging a table to take away the garbage. On that note, hire a skilled and knowledgeable person for that!!


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