Pamper Your Taste Buds With the Huevos Con Chorizo Dish for Breakfast

huevos con chorizo

Do you want a quick breakfast recipe that is fulfilling and full of flavor? Then look no more, the huevos con chorizo is the kind of recipe you need. Chorizo is a Mexican dish that is ideal for breakfast. It is easy to prepare and cook and doesn’t take time. What’s more, you can pair it with other Mexican cuisine and drinks.

What is Huevos Con Chorizo?

As stated earlier, huevos con chorizo is a dish common among Mexicans and created by them. The reason is that it is one of their main traditional foods, mostly eaten as breakfast. Its major ingredients include spicy sausage and egg (scrambled). For the chorizo ingredient, it consists of spices, chilies, and pork. However, if you don’t like or can’t eat pork, you can substitute it with any meat of your choice.

Reasons Why This Dish is Popular Among Mexicans and Non-Mexicans

  • Prepare ahead of cooking: Huevos con chorizo can be prepared ahead of your cooking time. You can make it beforehand, store it in your fridge, take it out, and heat it the next morning. Moreover, it doesn’t get spoiled when you refrigerate, nor does it lose its taste and texture. This makes it the perfect cuisine for busy parents or individuals.
  • Makes you fulfilled: This is a dish that fills you up for hours because it is very rich in protein.
  • Easy and fast to prepare: You only need at most 15 minutes to cook huevos con chorizo. The trick is to first make the chorizo. The next step is putting in your egg and mixing the egg and sausage. You can dish the food once it is done, and that’s all.
  • Full of flavors: The chorizo ingredient in this Mexican dish makes it more delicious and full of flavors, especially when fried. As you fry it, a tantalizing aroma will emerge from the frying pan. Additionally, as the eggs are frying, the oil will come out and mix with the sausage inside the pan. Gradually, the smell of the sausage will also permeate the air and induce your hunger.


  • Seasonings: sprinkle a small quantity of pepper and salt on the eggs to season them. But since the sausage has enough seasonings, you might forgo adding seasonings.
  • Cooking oil: You can use any vegetable oil of your choice for your huevos con chorizo.
  • Eggs (fresh): Add 2 or 1 egg as you desire for one serving. Also, the number of eggs you add depends on the number of servings.
  • Mexican chorizo: This is simply a spicy sausage. You have to cook it first before consuming it. You can either make the chorizo yourself or buy it from the supermarkets. If you prefer homemade chorizos, you can get the recipes online and choose whichever you want. Another advantage is that you may put leftover chorizos in your freezer to use for another day. This will save you time the next time you want to cook it. 


Huevos has different recipes depending on the household or individual. This is one of the most common ones:

  • Set your stove to medium heat. Put a frying pan on the stove. Pour three tablespoons of vegetable oil into the pan. Put in your chorizo and use a wooden spatula to break it.
  • Let it fry for around six minutes and stir often. Ensure the heat is set to medium. If it’s high, it’ll burn the food, and if it’s low, the food won’t cook properly. Therefore, the perfect temperature is required to give it a little crispy texture.
  • Break an egg or two, into a mixing container, and sprinkle seasonings if you like. Then mix thoroughly as you wait for the chorizo to fry.
  • Gently add the whisked egg(s) to the frying sausage and fry the mixture into big sizes.
  • Continue to fry till you notice the egg(s) is cooked according to your preference. Avoid overcooking the food, otherwise, it’ll taste and look dry.
  • Remove the pan from the stove and serve the food inside the pan. Or save it for later use.

Cooking tips:

  • Even though some individuals like fully-cooked scrambled eggs, others like them moist. So it is okay to have moist eggs if that’s your choice. That is, fry the egg however long you want. But ensure you fry the sausage nicely before pouring the egg.
  • Be careful with the amount of seasonings you put into the egg, as the sausage is well-seasoned already.
  • It is okay to directly pour the eggs inside the pan without whisking. But most people prefer whisking them before pouring them to make them mix well with the sausage.
  • If your chorizo has changed color or is darker, and it’s crispy and a bit dry, then it is done.
  • Before you add eggs, drain excess fat if the sausage has much fat.
  • Peel off the casings from the chorizo before frying if you didn’t make the chorizo yourself.


Lastly, you can perfectly make Huevos con chorizo without making any mistakes, even if you’re new to cooking. Some people like it as burritos in the mornings, and eat it with salsa, or other classic side dishes. In addition, Mexicans use it as a base for other famous Mexican foods such as stews, tacos, and so on. The most popular is the use of chorizo for breakfast dishes together with eggs, vegetables, and potatoes.


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