9 Traditional Japanese Food and Drinks

Japanese as a culture and nation considered one of the sophisticated and well-disciplined nations around the world. The region is developed for the economic condition, has good and influential social culture and political stability. In respect of tradition and regional culture, Japanese is popular for its cuisine and drinks. The roots of the Japanese food and drinks link with the Asian culture or a fusion. Japanese follow the rule of five in their traditional cooking or dishes. The meal cosset of rice, vegetables, soup, fish or meat item, and noodles.

Japanese love seafood and in their traditional dishes you can find a variety of seafood options that maybe salmon, shellfish, octopus and eel. White boil rice is a complimentary item that must be served with almost every meal. In Japan, people serve the food varieties in small bowls and all are one serving but have a variety of almost five dishes. In drinks choice, japan usually consumes tea, beer, sake, wine and whiskey with food or after food. Beer, whiskey or wine can be easily available at any of the America’s best online liquor store as well, but tea is a traditional drink of japan usually made locally at home or restaurants.

Here are some famous food and drinks options that are common and reflect the Japanese traditional food and drinks culture.

Japanese traditional food


Sushi is one of the most consumable and famous dishes that people love to enjoy and have on different occasions whether at restaurants or a family gathering. Around the world, people love this dish and the unique taste of Japanese cooking style and ingredients. It considers one of the most expensive dishes that the Japanese also love to eat a lot.


Tempura is another traditional food item of japan that is famous around the world. This is a simple food that contains a blend of vegetables with mustard sauce and can add the mushrooms, shrimp and other seafood options, cooked in a simple salt and soy sauce or serve with soy sauce dip.


Yakitori is a dish made up of the chicken and almost include every part of the skin cooked with the skin. In this dish, all the parts of chicken leg, breast, liver, used to made yakitori. The main course cooked with soy sauce, salt in a barbeque style. It will work more when it serves with wine or any of the drinks. Usually, most of the Japanese dishes are cooked with simple ingredients like salt, pepper or soy sauce. This is the blend of all that provide juicy and tasty fusion.


Onigiri is another traditional dish of the Japanese, that is made up of the cooked rice wrapped in the seaweed and highly available in the wrapping form as well. onigiri are inexpensive and commonly available at stores and people have them with the fusion of meals or even can eat with soy sauce as well.


Noodles are one of the most loved and traditional foods in Japan. The locals and visitors in the japan love to enjoy the combination of noodles with other foods like seafood options, vegetables, and soup. Ramen, soba, and udon are common noodles usually eat in japan. They are made up of the wheat and serve with the hot soup sauce or with soy sauce as well. it is one of the famous Japanese cuisines.


Wagashi is a Japanese traditional sweet dish the is common in the culture and even famous outside japan as well. this is usually served with the tea and mostly made up of the rice flour, white beans, and sugar composition. This is good in taste and readily available at stores as well. most of Japanese food have the organic ingredients.

Traditional Japanese drinks


Sake is Japanese traditional wine made up with the fusion of rice and alcohol. In this drink, the alcohol consistency is only 15% to 20% not more than that and can be enjoyed chilled or hot as well.


Tea is a traditional Japanese drink that people use in everyday routine. This tea is unique and made up with the special kind of herbs and serve to guest as a welcoming drink as well. it is not served with the milk, sugar or cream. This traditional tea is not just served at the home to guests but also at restaurants as well. and the important thing is this drink is completely for free when first-served or even after the refill.


Shochu is another Japanese traditional drink, which is highly diluted with 20% to 50% alcohol and made up of the rice, wheat or sweet potatoes. On the wrap, the consistency of the alcohol is mentioned and people get one as per their alcohol priority in the drink. Here in Japan, it is famous or common to serve the shochu mix with hot or cold water before serving.


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