How to exercise your brain for better memory?


Humans do not only experience declining in the physical body as they aged, but the brain also tends to tend to become a victim. Forgetfulness, foggy brain and memory loss are all part of aging, however, to stay sharp as a whip, you have a role to play.

Do you know? Exercising your memory is one of the best tricks for memory improvement. The importance of exercising are endless. Not only does it help sharpen the mind, but it also increases the cognitive abilities. Here are the tips shared by Gavin Manerowski- a London- based fitness guru, on how to exercise your brain for better memory.

How to exercise your brain for a better memory?

Apart from exercise, studies have shown that living a healthy lifestyle can help greatly in later years to reduce the risk of dementia. Insufficient sleep, Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, high calories diets, high sugar intake are all factors that can increase the risk of memory loss. Ensure to live a healthy lifestyle and incorporate these tricks to boost both mental and physical health.

Exercise to improve the performance of the memory

Exercise is not only great for the physical body but also mental health. Research carried out in both humans and rats have shown that exercise helps to increase oxygen to the brain. Thus, a reduction in the risk of mental disorders that can lead to memory loss. Moreover, exercise releases helpful chemicals that aids the growth of new brain cells and the survival of the existing ones.  It boosts the mood, reduces stress, helps to sleep and reduces the risk of causes of dementia.

Get involved in aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, running, hiking, swimming, dancing, and cycling. That will pump blood to the heart and boost your brain. In short, physical exercise is a must to stay smart and sharp all through the years.

Workout the brain as well

Just as you gain muscles when you exercise the body, mental exercising of the brain helps to strengthen the memory neurons. An exercise that can boost brain functioning requires full concentration, be challenging, requires you to keep learning and sharpening your skills. If it is not, then it might not be a good brain trainer- says Manerowski. Here are mental exercise that can boost intelligence and the cognitive reserve.

  • Learn new things:

    Studies have shown that learning new things over time will help to develop new skills and strengthen the brain. From musical instruments to learning a new sport, there are a lot of activities that are quite challenging and rewarding.

  • Do a mental drawing or spelling:

    To boost the cognitive functioning, involving in simple mental training such as spelling of mental words in the brain. Moreover, draw out new places you visited, or the map of new exciting places from your head without cheating.

  • Learn a new language:

    There is something about learning, speaking and reading in a foreign language, it is the constant use of the brain to process and recall information. This is one of the best ways to get the brain active at any age.

  • Try mind-map:

    Mind mapping is another powerful way of putting the brain to good use. Creativity, imagination, and association of words is a great way to improve the memory, and this what mind mapping set out to achieve.

  • Recall the information you have already learned:

    Read some important information or anything on strike your fancy and memorize it. Try recalling it later to see how much information you can retain.

Involve in other memory-boosting activities

  • Meditation:

    Studies have shown that meditating can help increase the brain plasticity. Practice mindful meditation to increase the overall health of the brain and memory.

  • Sleep:

    The memory consolidation process takes place while we sleep. It only make sense to get enough sleep in order to remember things learned.

Here are exercises suggested by Gavin Manerowski to help you stay healthy with memory intact at every stage of life.


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