Korean Spicy Noodles – Tips, Ingredients, & Recipe

Korean Spicy Noodles

Korean food is one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Loaded with a lot of vegetables, Korean cuisine is rich in ample nutrients and natural ingredients that work wonders for your overall health. For quite long years, Korean food has become very popular among food lovers. Are you also a Korean food fan? Looking for the perfect Korean dish to excite your taste buds? If yes, look no further than Korean spicy noodles. From delicious taste to full of flavors and great aroma, Korean spicy noodles are a go-to choice for many Korean food fans.

If you are also one of them, then this blog is for you. In this all-inclusive blog, we have discussed the tips, ingredients, and a recipe to make tasty and mouth-watering Korean spicy noodles.

So, without further wait, let’s get started.

An Overview Of Korean Noodles

Korean spicy noodles are the perfect mix of cooked noodles loaded with stir-fried veggies blended with a sweet-spicy sauce. You can add your favorite vegetables and customize the noodles as per your choice. The most common and easy-to-make instant Korean noodles brand available in the market is Samyang. This instant noodle packet takes a few minutes to prepare.

Korean Spicy Noodles

All you need to do is just add noodles into hot boiling water and further mix the seasoning package to them. The Korean spicy noodles are ready to eat. Loaded with flavors, these instant noodles are sweet and spicy and can be customized by adding vegetables and gochujang paste. 

However, the best tip is to prepare noodles from scratch to enjoy a tasty and healthy dish.

How To Make Korean Spicy Noodles

You need not be a professional chef or home cook to prepare tasty and spicy Korean noodles. The recipe for Korean noodles is quite easy and simple. 


  • Udon noodles: You can choose noodles of your choice. Choose between thinner or thicker noodles.
  • Vegetables: Choose the vegetables of your choice. However, the most common vegetables to prepare Korean noodles are sliced carrots, bok choy, and green onions to name a few.
  • Garlic: Make your dish more aromatic with chopped garlic.
  • Vegetable oil. You can use any neutral-flavored vegetable oil to stir-fry veggies.

Korean Spicy Noodles

For the Korean Noodles Sauce

You need the following ingredients to prepare the sauce for the Korean noodles.

  • Soy sauce: No Korean noodles are complete without soy sauce as it provides the perfect taste.
  • Mirin. Kind of rice wine having a lower quantity of alcohol with a sweeter flavor. 
  • Honey: You can use any sweeter of your choice to add more flavors to your noodles.
  • Gochujang: It is a must-have ingredient used in Korean cooking. It is a red chili paste having a sweet, spicy, and tangy taste.
  • Sesame oil: Opt for the earthy and nutty flavor of seasoning oil.

Korean Spicy Noodles

Recipe For Korean Noodles

It is very easy and simple to prepare spicy Korean noodles. All you need to do is follow a few steps.

  • The first step is to prepare noodles sauce. Mix soy sauce, mirin, honey, gochujang, and sesame oil in a small bowl.
  • The next step is to heat vegetable oil in a non-stick pan. Add chopped garlic and green onions in a pan and cook them over medium heat until they become crunchy.
  • Add sliced carrots and bok choy in a pan and cook them for some minutes.
  • Add boiled noodles to the vegetables and then further add sauce. Mix all the ingredients well and cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Put the cooked noodles on a plate. Use sesame seeds and chopped green onions for garnishing. Serve the noodles hot.

Tips To Make The Best Korean Spicy Noodles

Some of the tips to make the best and most delicious Korean spicy noodles are

  • Avoid overcooking vegetables: The key to having tasty Korean spicy noodles is stir-fried veggies. Vegetables should be crunchy but not raw and also not overcooked.
  • Use a fried egg: To add more taste to your spicy Korean noodles, consider adding a fried egg on the top of noodles before serving them.
  • Gochujang is a must: High chance that you may not have Gochujang sauce in your kitchen but it is truly one of the most important ingredients to add flavor to your dish.

Various Ways To Customize Korean Noodles

As mentioned above, you can customize the Korean noodles as per your choice. Some customization ideas are

  • Instead of udon noodles, you can use other alternatives like Japanese soba noodles and thick Chinese egg noodles.
  • To feel fuller for a longer time, add protein sources like chicken or tofu.
  • You can use your favorite vegetables in the stir-fry, including mushrooms, snow peas, and bell peppers.

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