Wake Up and Fuel Up with Dunkin Donuts’ Turbo Shot Energy Boost

Dunkin' Donuts

Now is the moment to get to know the Dunkin Turbo Shot!

Dunkin Donuts menu’s extensive and outstanding selection of espresso drinks includes the Turbo Shot.

The shot used to be called the Dunkin’ Donuts Turbo Shot, but once the company changed its name, the name of the drink was updated to reflect the new brand.

What is Dunkin Donuts’ Turbo Shot?

The Dunkin’ Donuts Turbo Shot is an energy drink sold in Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Typically, an espresso shot or a shot of strong coffee is added to a customer’s coffee or latte to offer more caffeine and energy. The Turbo Shot is intended to aid in maintaining alertness and concentration, particularly during early mornings and lengthy workdays. It comes in two flavors: Mocha and Original.

This drink is a delicious twist on classic coffee that will have you feeling refreshed and alert in no time. Turbo Hot was designed with the modern, and dynamic youth market in mind.

The Turbo Shot is essentially double or triple shots of espresso. The phrase “turbo shot” is shorthand for “shot of espresso.”

There are 120 milligrams of caffeine in just one Turbo Shot. The moniker “turbo” is appropriate since when added to coffee, the overall amount of caffeine increases dramatically.

The Turbo Shot provides you with the necessary energy to endure the day. It may be added to any coffee drink to make it stronger and give it a genuine kick.

DIY Instructions for Dunkin’ Donuts Turbo Shot Coffee

Turbo Shot Coffee is available for home consumption for those who dare to face its intensity. However, if you consume this too late in the day, you will find that it keeps you awake.

You can make your own Turbo Shot Coffee using our recipe,  but it’s ideal if you start making it early in the morning.

Dunkin Donuts Turbo Shot Coffee Recipe

  • Yield: 1 SERVING (12 OZ). 
  • Preparation:10 minutes 

Our recipe for Dunkin’ Turbo Shot Coffee is simple to make, but it only makes enough for one cup. You won’t need more than a handful of ingredients. Be sure you have everything set up before you begin brewing.


  • Hot Water: 1 cup
  • Ground Coffee: 1 cup
  • Espresso: 1 shot

How to Make

  • Prepare an espresso shot. This should ideally be a medium- to dark-roast coffee in order to maximize the coffee’s taste.
  • Use the same roast of coffee beans that you used to prepare your espresso to make a standard cup of coffee. Use medium roast coffee, for instance, to make medium espresso.
  • Pour your typical cup of coffee into a big mug. If you want to keep the coffee hot, do this as soon as you can after brewing it.
  • You should add espresso to the big mug of coffee. Give the ingredients some time to blend.
  • You now have a Dunkin’ Turbo Shot Coffee cup in your hands. 

Looks, Flavor, Calories & Caffeine Content in Dunkin Donuts’ Turbo Shot 


The Turbo Shot’s potency, rather than its flavor, has made it famous.

Depending on the type of beans used, the resulting shot may taste sweet, sour, or bitter, but it will always be highly potent.

One helpful hint is to make both the brewed coffee and the espresso with the same or a comparable roast so that neither flavor dominates.


Turbo Shots might look different based on how they are made. When the espresso is introduced to the brewed coffee before the other way around, a light layer of crema forms on top.

After adding the coffee, the drink will look the same, however, the crema will be mixed in.


The number of calories in a Turbo Shot, like its taste, varies with the type of beans used to make it.

An espresso shot typically has between zero and five calories. Even with coffee added, the calorie count shouldn’t go beyond 10.

Compared to mochas and other drinks, this one has a remarkably low-calorie content.

Caffeine Content 

The amount of caffeine in a Turbo Shot varies according to the espresso or brew used.

A turbo shot has 120 milligrams of caffeine, which is more than a quarter of the daily recommended dose; when coupled with brewed coffee, the total amount is around 330 milligrams, which is just about 70 milligrams short of the daily maximum.

Final Words

Dunkin Donuts Turbo Shot makes for a really intriguing cup of coffee. The jolt it provides rather than its flavor makes it a unique choice for a pick-me-up. Dunkin’ Turbo Shot Coffee may not have much in the way of nutritional value, but its popularity as a morning pick-me-up is understandable.

Start your day with a bang and a boost of energy! Dunkin’ Donuts’ Turbo Shot is the perfect way to jumpstart your morning and tackle the day ahead with a smile. With its concentrated coffee goodness, the Turbo Shot will give you the jolt you need to take on the world and have fun while doing it. So why wait? Get your Turbo Shot fix now and let the good times roll!


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