Carbs in Extra Most Bestest Thin Crust Pizza By Little Caesars

Carbs in Extra Most Bestest Thin Crust Pizza By Little Caesars
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Little Caesars, a household name in the world of pizza, is renowned for its affordability and mouthwatering options. One of their standout creations, the Extra Most Best Thin Crust Pizza, has gained significant attention. In this article, we’ll delve into the carb content of this delicious pizza, discussing its ingredients, nutritional aspects, and how it compares to other pizza choices.

Nutrition Profile of Little Caesars Pizza

With over 50 years of pizza making under their belts, Little Caesars has perfected the art of affordable, tasty pies. Their signature Hot-N-Ready pizzas are convenient choices for feeding families on busy weeknights or hosting game day crowds. However, pizza is also known for packing in carbs and calories, especially the crust.

For carb-conscious pizza lovers, Little Caesars’ thin crust offerings are a smart way to enjoy a slice while limiting carbs. Let’s examine the nutrition numbers behind Little Caesar’s thin-crust pizzas.

H2: Breaking Down the Carbs in Extra Most Bestest Pizza

The Extra Most best is Little Caesars’ loaded specialty thin crust pizza. Here’s what contributes to its carb count:

Flour in the Crust

The thin crust is made from refined wheat flour, the biggest source of carbs. A 14-inch pizza has about 60g of carbs just from the crust. Thin crust slices are less boring than a thick, doughy original crust.


Little Caesars uses a savory tomato-based pizza sauce. A serving has around 5-8g net carbs from tomato paste sugar.


Cheese adds protein and fat rather than carbs – a single slice has about 3g of carbs from cheese. Go easy on extra cheese though, as it packs calories.


Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onion add minimal carbs. Going light on higher-carb toppings like bacon can help cut carbs.

Little Caesars

If you’re eager to savor the Extra Most Best Thin Crust Pizza while saving a few bucks. This can help you enjoy your favorite pizza at a discounted price, making it even more appealing.

How Thin Crust Compares to Original and Deep Deep Dish

Thin crust has a definite advantage when cutting pizza carbs:

Crust Carbs

A thin crust 14” pizza has around 60g total carbs in the crust, versus 100g for an original 14” crust or 130g for a deep dish. That’s major carb savings!

Overall Carbs

A thin crust Extra Most Bestest slice has around 15-20g net carbs compared to 25-35g per slice of deep dish or original. Sticking with a thin crust makes a big difference.

Tips for Ordering Low-Carb at Little Caesars

You can slash carbs when ordering Little Caesars by:

Size Matters

Opt for an individual 7” thin crust versus a 14”. You’ll get fewer slices but each has 1/3 less crust.

Skip the Breadsticks

Avoid those addictive soft breadsticks and garlic dipping sauce which add around 20g carbs per order.

Go Easy on Toppings

Load up on low-carb meats and veggies. Say no to bacon, avoid extra cheese, and limit high-carb sauces.

Hacks for Cutting Carbs When Eating Pizza

Enjoy your slice while reducing carbs with these easy pizza hacks:

Fold It

Fold your slice in half or eat it open-faced, letting some of the bare crust flop down. You’ll reduce overall bites of dough.

Scrape It

Use a fork to scrape off excess breading and discard before eating the cheesy goodness. Just scrape gently to avoid tearing.

Salad Top-It

Chop up your slices and put them on top of a veggie salad instead of eating slice-by-slice. It essentially turns into pizza nachos!

Enjoying Pizza Guilt-Free

Pizza can be part of a healthy diet in moderation through smart strategies like:

Balance with Activity

Burn those pizza carbs off with fun exercise. A slice or two fits in fine if you also stay active. Turn it into fuel for your workouts!

Watch Portions

One or two thin-crust slices along with a salad is perfectly reasonable. Stick to sensible portions instead of overindulging in a whole pie.

Make It Fit Your Day

If having pizza, balance it out by eating lighter earlier in the day. Don’t deprive yourself, just be mindful of portions and pairings.

Other Low-Carb Options at Little Caesars

Beyond thin-crust pizza, Little Caesars offers these delicious lower-carb choices:


Their classic wings or boneless wings with ranch or buffalo sauce make for protein-packed, carb-light snacks. An order of 8 wings has under 5g net carbs.


A Caesar or garden salad with dressing on the side is a lighter accompaniment. Load up the greens and go easy on croutons or high-carb toppings.


Say yes to a cinnamon sugar Chocolate Dunker donut-style treat. One has less than 15g net carbs – way better than a slice of carb-laden cheesy bread!

So go ahead and indulge in Little Caesar’s pizza – just opt for thin crust and balance it out. With better choices and smart hacks, you can absolutely enjoy pizza and cut carbs at the same time!


Pizza lovers no longer need to feel guilty about indulging in a cheesy slice. By choosing thin-crust options from Little Caesars and implementing portion-control hacks, you can satisfy cravings while still watching your carb intake. Compare nutrition numbers between thin and original crusts and go for a 7-inch over a 14-inch pie. Load up on low-carb meat and veggie toppings over starchy add-ons. Be sure to balance out your pizza with lighter meals and activities. With a few simple strategies, pizza can deliciously fit into a healthy lifestyle.


Q: Does Little Caesars offer a low-carb cauliflower crust option?

A: Not currently. The only crust options are original, thin, or deep deep dish. There are lower-carb ways to enjoy their regular thin crust though.

Q: Which toppings should I avoid for the lowest carbs at Little Caesars?

A: Stay away from extra cheese, bacon, and high-carb sauces. Stick with veggies, chicken, beef, and pepperoni for lowest carb counts.

Q: Is a 7-inch personal pizza really fewer carbs than a slice from a 14-inch?

A: Yes, even though the portions may seem the same, the 7-inch crust uses less dough, so there will be fewer carbs overall per slice.

Q: Can I order a cheese-only thin-crust pizza from Little Caesars?

A: Yes, you can request a thin crust with just cheese, no sauce. This will save some additional carbs from the sauce.

Q: What about the carb count in Little Caesar’s crazy bread?

A: Crazy bread has around 15g net carbs per 4-piece order, so while tasty, it’s best to skip as a side and opt for wings or a salad instead.


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