4 Top Yoga Asanas to Lose Abdomen and thighs Fat


Yoga is considered to be the most effective and simplest way to lose weight. The best thing about yoga is that people of any age can do it. Yoga is very beneficial for any age group. But especially pregnant women should take extra care while opting for any yoga asana. It is better to take the advice of her doctor first. It is to be known that many types of diseases are born due to stress. But it can be overcome through yoga asana.

Yoga is very effective for weight loss and staying fit and this reduces the level of stress and increases the confidence of the person. Some of the yoga asanas are mentioned below, which can be used in weight loss easily. 

Let’s have a look at these 4 Yoga asanas that can help you to reduce your abdomen and thigh fat.

Chakrasana Yoga Asana:

This is an important posture under yoga asana, through which you can keep your stomach fit and make related issues completely correct. 


  • In this posture, first, lie down on the back, then bend your knees and keep the soles of your feet at some distance and rest on the ground.
  •  Then move your hands in the direction of the body. Keep in mind that the palms are facing down. 
  • You put your hands together and then lift your body upwards. Stay from thirty seconds to 01 minutes in this stage. 
  • Then bring the body slowly to the surface. Repeat this exercise five times.

Bhujangasana Yoga Asana: 

In this asana, the shape of the body becomes similar to that of a raised snake, hence it is called Nag Asana, Bhujangasana, or Sarpasana. Bhujangasana yoga helps your body to reduce extra fat from the stomach and thighs. If you have asthma, chronic cough, or any other lung disease, they should do this asana. This gives strength to the arms. Your brain becomes more strong while doing this asana in the right way. All problems related to your backbone can be effectively treated with this asana. Along with this, the constipation problem is also eliminated.  


Do not bend too much backward while doing this asana. 

  • Lie on your stomach in reverse. 
  • Keep the heels together. 
  • The chin laying on the floor. 
  • Elbows adjoining the waist and palms facing up. This is called the position of Makarasana. 
  • Slowly bring the arm forward with the elbows folded and place the palms under the arms. 
  • Keeping your chin close to the neck helps your forehead to stick on the ground. 
  • Repeat, raising the head towards the sky, touching the nose a little bit on the ground. Then on the strength of the palms, move the chest and head as far back as you can, but the navel should remain attached to the ground. 
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds.
  • Later, while exhaling, bring the head down slowly and keep your forehead on the ground. Keep the chest on the ground too. Again, place the chin on the ground and move the hands back and let loose. Starting of this asana with thirty seconds, and after long practice, it can be done for three minutes. Can do it at least two to five times. 

Dhanurasana Yoga Asana: 

By doing this asana, the shape of the body becomes a bow drawn, that is why it is called Dhanurasana. This asana makes the spine flexible and healthy. Abdominal fat is low. Makes the heart strong. All diseases related to the throat are reduced to a great extent. This asana helps your Gastritis to function properly by eliminating constipation. Breathing moves in a systematic manner.


  • First, lie down in Makarasana. Makarasana means lying on your stomach. Place the chin on the ground. Hands adjacent to the waist and the paws of the feet meet each other.
  • Keep the palms in a way that your palms facing the sky. 
  • Holding the right foot with the right-hand fingers and the left toe with the left-hand fingers by bending the knees. 
  • Breathing, pulling the legs, lift the chin-knees from the ground and try to bring the head and soles closer. As long as you can breathe easily, stay in this posture. Then while exhaling, first rest the chin and knees on the ground. Then, after lengthening the legs, return to the position of Dhanurasana again.

Chakki Chalansana Yoga Asana: 

This yoga posture is very effective in removing abdominal fat. It also helps in reducing weight. 


  • First, you sit comfortably on the ground. During this, spread your legs from the front. You must take care that your both legs are enough closer to each other. 
  • Keeping your both hands together, now move your knees in a round manner. You can move in the same asana clockwise, around 10 times.  
  • And then after stopping for some time, turn counterclockwise this time. Then slowly release.

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