What is The Reason for Blemishes on the Face

Reason For Blemishes On the Face

Facial blemishes have become a typical problem for today’s generation. Primarily women are targeted most in this trouble, which is might due to inappropriate facial products. However, there can be certain different reasons through which people may get blemishes over their faces.

Here’re we got the most typical reasons and mistakes that troubles us into this problem.

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Reason For Blemishes On the Face

What is the reason for blemishes on the face:

The followings are the daily life reasons that experts considers as the typical cause for the facial blemishes.

Clogged pores:

That is the most common culprit that experts consider for the blemishes on the face. The skin pores are usually clogged when excessive oil is released by the sebaceous glands. Furthermore, these glands are affected due to the unusual body issues like hormonal changes, dead skin cells, dirt, or bacteria inside the skin.

The clogged pores may also result in pimples, blackheads, pustules, and whiteheads to form.

Viral & bacterial infections:

Certain viral and bacterial infections may cause blemishes on the face. Typically, viruses like HSV-1 can cause blemishes on the facial skin. However, deformities caused by viruses are usually cold sores, which are unlike the other red scars. Bacterial infections like impetigo can lead to scarring, which may take a couple of time to fade.

Hormonal changes:

The changes in the characteristics of hormones bring multiple abnormalities in the body. Androgens, which are the male sex hormones, but the female body naturally produces a small amount of androgens too. When these hormones are produced in a significant amount, this can lead to more severe acne to form. Moreover, this abnormality can also result in several skin issues, i.e., facial hairs on women, irregular periods, weight gain, etc.

Therefore, if you find any of the symptoms related to hormonal changes, you must consult with the specialist to be safe from abnormal body complaints.


It’s one of the most typical reasons for blemishes on the skin. It’s a typical, but unfortunately, an incurable chronic skin condition that may affect your face. What’s more, most of the victims of Rosacea are affected by the central portion of their faces.

Sun exposure:

Exposing in the sunlight for a prolonged time may easily suffer your skin into excessive blemishes. Extreme sunlight, especially in the hot summer days, doesn’t only cause typical blemishes, but also the skin cancer. Sun exposure is also a big culprit behind the dead skin cells, excessively oily skin, and most commonly blemishes on the face.

People with fair skin are more vulnerable to the side effects of sunlight due to the deficiency of melanin in their skin.

Improper diet:

Diet has a direct impact on how your skin looks. Consuming an unhealthy diet, especially in the irregular routine, may suffer you into skin problems. A bad diet can also cause food allergies and contact dermatitis, which can lead to skin-related issues. High sugar diets and common carbohydrates can also cause skin blemishes.


High stress suffers the person into several abnormal conditions. People with stressful life tend to have multiple skin issues like rough skin and acne. Young people, mostly the students, are found in this issue. Stress could occur due to the study pressure and hectic lifestyle, which may cause blemishes on the face.


People often get skin problems due to their inherited tendencies. In simple words, like every person is born with the mutual skin characteristics of their parents, so similar to this, there are chances of inheriting skin problems too.

According to the research, people with a family history of excessive scarring may get a victim of genetic problems that predispose them to keloids and hypertrophic scars. Both of these scars are caused by abnormal skin healing, which can lead to the production and deposition of excessive collagen at the site of injury.

Lack of hygiene:

Touching your skin all day and sharing towels can spread dirt over the skin. Women’s skin is usually affected through the shared beauty products on the face. That is, unhygienic activities may add bacteria to the skin, which can cause breakouts. Hence you should avoid bad habits through which your skin can get dirty and keep a keen eye over skin hygiene.

Over washing of skin:

Although it is essential to keep your face washed, however, over washing the skin may make it dry and lead to skin dryness. Experts recommend washing your face twice or thrice in a day. Also, try to wash only when you are needed, i.e., after the workout, returning to home from polluted environment, morning time, etc.

Also, never use body soap over the face; always wash using the ideal face wash and cleansers according to your skin type.

Skincare products:

Never forget that the product you are using on your face is made of several chemicals in which some could result in adverse effects on your skin. Whether it’s expensive or popular skin item, an excessive and misuse of facial products on your skin may result in blemishes and other serious skin problems.

Therefore, always research the product which you are going to purchase. Make it sure if it’s not reactive to your skin.

Temperature changes:

Continuous changes in weather also result in blemishes on the skin. That is, people who live in a place where temperatures are highly variable can face reddishness on their faces. However, this issue usually occurs to people with unbalanced skin, especially from sweat.

Facial scrubs:

Rubbing your skin too hard with the scrubs can increase breakout activity. Especially if you have acne scars, rubbing the skin in such a condition can make it worse. Furthermore, physical exfoliators create a pathway in the skin pores where pore-clogging moisturizers can enter more. Thus, this can cause blockage in the pores, which may lead to breakouts of the skin.


No doubt, red scars, as well as blemishes over the face, affect the look of the face. However, if you identified the exact cause of the problem soon, you must try getting rid of that before it gets worse. Moreover, if your face is victimized by blemishes through the viral infection or any other harmful product, you must consult with the skin specialist to get back from further issues.

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