Best Hosting Server Providers you Should Watch Out for

hosting servers provider.

Whenever a business starts a website, it needs dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the first thing it starts on because that is the first line of hosting servers.

Hosting is sort of like renting a virtual plot of internet space for a website. At an affordable end, businesses often start with shared hosting.

It is like an apartment a college student shares with others. For a while, it seems fine as it is affordable and can seem like fun.

But it does not last forever because eventually, businesses will be needing their own space.

Dedicated hosting is like one’s own home. This is a space each website owner/brand/business needs to keep their website running for the long run.

It costs plentiful but the benefits come in truckloads. It isn’t for everyone as it is the premium mile-high club of running websites.

A lot of hosting service providers are visited countlessly by existing and prospective clientele in order to ensure their websites are afloat and smooth.

Customers need to get the best website experience from all sites they visit.

Hence, businesses need to have a website that loads fast and runs fast without any error messages and prompts.

Businesses having comparatively smaller websites are better off on VPS hosting for some time before they can upgrade with ease.

When looking to choose the kind of hosting service they need, who should be the provider is the million-dollar question having a complicated answer.

To answer this question, the following server hosting providers form part of the answer businesses are looking at:


HostGator is among the best all-around hosting provider.

It also ranks among the best choices in terms of dedicated hosting because it has the best combination of high unmetered bandwidth with a good amount of RAM plus loads of CPU cores. Out of 5, they scored quite high with 4.6.

HostGator doesn’t have the most affordable prices but businesses get a lot of webs hosting power for the Dollars invested and paid.

It provides them an array of help and support options, with phone and lives chat included. It also guarantees an uptime of 99.99%.

However, both of HostGator’s servers are in the United States of America. Websites having an international audience may not benefit much from it.

2.Blue Host

It has among the best-dedicated hosting plans that are also among the most reasonably priced ones in the United States.

Blue Host is also recognized to be the best stateside too. It has never compromised on quality despite its pricing.

Blue Host also offers the best technical support of any hosting service. It also holds more backups than its own.

However, there is a downside. It has fewer CPU cores than most providers and has only one server located in Utah.

If websites have a large domestic audience in the United States then Blue Host is perfect for them.

3.A2 Hosting

What is the thing worse than a website going down? It is not getting hold of the hosting service provider when it is down.

This is where A2 hosting stands out as it provides the best customer service of any hosting service provider and is often available in helping clientele round the clock.


SiteGround doesn’t offer any promotional pricing.

What it does instead makes its own plan seem quite prestigious in comparison to others.

Businesses can have a fair share of their returns when working with SiteGround.

Why? Because it scores well across the table for its features, memory and uptime guarantee.


InMotion’s hosting plans look quite average with an exception of the CPU cores it offers.

Its dedicated hosting plans cost $519 per month which makes it expensive as businesses get a good load of 16 CPUs and RAM.

If a business online has a heavy technology-reliant website, InMotion’s hosting server will help keep the site speed at an optimum level thus preventing visitors from bouncing away.

Such will also encourage Google to rank the website higher.


iPage is good at almost a lot of things but lacks in one particular area. Features are good but not as good as that of HostGator and Bluehost.

Prices are quite reasonable, and it has done well to stave off the competition. However, those who are considering iPage are better off with others mentioned above.


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