Check Out the Surgical Treatment Options Available for Glaucoma


Glaucoma surgery procedure is of two types: laser and non-laser. It depends upon the type of condition of glaucoma that indicates for the right type of surgical procedures. The best part is that there are several non-penetrable surgical methods that doctors do with advanced tools and innovations.

Is Surgery Necessary To Treat Glaucoma?

Not everyone will require surgical treatments for glaucoma. The primary stage is to see an eye specialist who has experience with glaucoma patients. There are some really popular hospital and eye clinics for the best glaucoma treatment in Delhi.

The goal of this treatment is to stabilise the intraocular pressure so that it does not damage the optic nerve. In case the doctor deems it right to treat your glaucoma condition with a surgical procedure, you need to get it done without delay.

Reason To Get Glaucoma Surgery

In some stages of glaucoma, it can be treated and even controlled with certain medications and eye drops. But in most cases, surgery is the most permanent solution to the problem. With the right surgery, the patient will no longer need to use any eye drops. Surgeries are done to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve and improve the drainage of the fluid in the eye.

According to some recent studies it has been found that laser treatments on the eye are known to improve the condition of glaucoma and it lowers the internal eye pressure. People who are not able to follow the strict guidelines of routine eye drops should get selective laser trabeculoplasty treatment done in the primary stage.

Other than this method, there is another very effective procedure known as the trabeculectomy that can create an artificial passage for drainage of the fluid to reduce the IOP. This method is done in the advanced stage of glaucoma. This treatment proves very successful and gives the best result.

To discuss this in detail, let’s talk about surgical procedures to treat glaucoma:

  • Laser Trabeculoplasty

    – Doctors use this method to increase the outflow of the fluid. With the use of a laser, this procedure creates holes in the eye right where the cornea and iris meet. This treatment does not create much heat damage and it is mostly performed while the patient is taking an eyedrop routinely for the glaucoma condition. Research is still going to see if this procedure can be used to treat all types of glaucoma.

  • Trabeculectomy and Goniotomy

    – If a surgical incision is required to treat your glaucoma, your doctor will recommend you get a trabeculectomy done. In this process, a surgical incision is done to create new channels in the eye for better and improved flow of the fluid. This process partially removes the eye’s drainage system and it controls the leaks of the fluid from the eye.

  • Another method named the trabeculotomy is almost the same as the trabeculectomy, but the only difference is that the former does not involve the removal of the tissue. Goniotomy, on the other hand, is used to treat infant patients with glaucoma. In this process, a special lens is used to view the inner parts of the eye to allow the fluid flow.

  • Iridotomy and Iridectomy

    – In iridotomy method laser are used to create a hole into the iris and that in turn increase the flow of the fluid and clears the drainage. Iridectomy involves a surgical incision to remove some of the pieces so the iris to clear the passage and improve the fluid flows. 

Most of these treatment procedures are non-penetrable as they do not involve deep penetration. They can be done in a well-equipped eye hospital under the experienced eye surgeons.


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