Benefits and Ideas of Education Apps

education app ideas

In the last few decades, technology has a great influence on the life of students & education. 

Earlier to obtain good education, parents have to spend a lot of money. However, things are transformed to a great extent.

Now, good education is not just limited to the walls of classrooms. Students can get education on their fingertips with the help of smartphone & Internet. 

You may have a question, how?

Using 60,000 education-related applications present on different platforms. These apps are built on different education app ideas and are targeted for people across different regions of the globe. 

Students can use these apps not only prepare for the examination, but they can be useful in their daily life. Moreover, there are various other benefits of using mobile apps for education. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Education App Ideas & Benefits

1. Improved Interaction

Education apps not only help the children to grow in life but also help to increase the engagement between a parent & children. Parents can interact and help their children to understand various things with the help of apps. 

2. Parent-teacher communication

Generally, the parent-teacher interaction is defined to the books & articles about the performance improvement, however not in reality. Due to a tight schedule of parents & teachers, it is very challenging to maintain a bond with each other. 

While now, with the help of apps, teachers can resolve any doubts of the parents regarding their children on the smartphone. It promotes transparency about the child’s growth at the school.

3. Novel learning techniques

Traditional ways of learning give a feeling of boredom. Also, it only supports the old-age pattern of confined & straight book learning,which vanishes the engagement factor.

Technology has helped to launch new applications in the education sector, which has further helped to bring new ways of learning. Along with originality, these apps help students to learn new things in a funny yet interactive way. With the help of games, puzzles & other ways, these apps help the students not only make their thought process better but also help to understand things via various standpoints.

4. Video-based learning

In today’s world of multimedia, videos are referred to as short books. By utilizing various video editing software & apps, students can create highly effective video projects which help them to increase interest & understand things in a better way.

It is proved that a person remembers more when they see & hear at the same time. Also, students can learn any skill they want on udemy, an online learning platform which offers video lessons on every topic.

5. Better Communication

There are certain times when students don’t have enough time to discuss their questions with the teacher; this can have a great impact on the overall learning process. 

Using apps, students and teachers can connect anytime. Also, teachers can share any announcements & instructions with the students in real-time.

6. Enhance Tech Skills

Tech skills are much in demand nowadays, and education applications allow students to learn tech skills at a very young age. By learning tech skills, the students will be able to move easily in the tech world. 

For instance, CodeAcademy is a wonderful platform which provides programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.

A futuristic e-Learning app can help to learn new tech skills for children without letting them know that they are learning. For instance, a compelling puzzle helps children to learn to code and make their base before they enter into the IT world.

7. 24*7 Availability

eLearning apps are available 365 days without any restriction of time, which is present with the school teachers. These apps allow anyone to learn new skills anywhere & anytime. 

Moreover, various institutions have adopted new education app ideas, where they have developed apps useful for both students & teachers. Using these apps, students can post their doubts online & get a reply from an expert within a few minutes.

8. Organized Learning

eLearning apps enforce organized learning, along with smart learning. Lessons in various apps are designed in such a way that it forces a user to learn things in a systematic way. 

9. Environment-Friendly

Every day, millions of trees are removed to meet the requirements of papers. But, mobile apps need to be installed on a device. 

By switching to the digital method of learning, we will be able to save more trees. Apps can help to replace books with eBooks, notes & whitepapers.

10. Portability

Mobile applications have removed all the limitations. They have been used by teachers as well as students anywhere & anytime. Students can access material of any subject by moving online; they don’t need to carry any books.

11. Entertainment

eLearning apps help to make learning engaging, effective & fun. Mobile apps enhanced with some entertainment allow students to understand things in a better way. For instance; the advent of gamification in education applications has helped to draw more kids. 

Scores, badges, & rewards present in various apps not only make the learning process quick & straightforward but also force users to crave more. Lastly, students can even understand boring subjects in a better way.

12. Free time utilization

Majority of students don’t take advantage of their free time wisely. They are either watching TV or they are endlessly surfing on the Internet. Parents don’t want their children to waste their time on these things.

Mobile apps are introduced to rescue children from these addictions. These applications can help children to utilize their time wisely. 

13. Individual Focused Learning

Generally, there are 30-40 students in a class. Although a teacher tries to answer the questions, 

he/she might not be able to clear doubts of all the students in a time frame of 40 minutes. Hence, queries of various students will remain unanswered. 

But, this limitation is removed in case of mobile apps. A student can watch and complete course at their own time. He/she also can post comments regarding any doubt and get an answer from the teacher.

14. Track children’s progress

There are a lot of apps which allow teachers to set goals for the students & also help students to achieve them. These apps also allow parents to login & check their child’s process in one go. Apart from this, parents can review in which subject their child needs improvement.

15. Miscellaneous Functions

Apart from student-related tasks, apps are useful to handle various tasks such as online term-fee payments & payments for different things.

There are also attendance management apps that allow teachers to maintain attendance of students easily. By this, both teachers, as well as parents, can monitor the attendance of the students.

So, these are some of the benefits of using Apps in Education for students, teachers, and parents.


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