The Most Common Dental Emergency is Broken Teeth


Many people think that the most common dental emergency is an abscessed tooth or a broken jaw, but these are rare occurrences. In fact, when it comes to dental problems, broken teeth are the most common dental emergency, with more than 5 million tooth fractures occurring each year in the United States alone. A large percentage of these injuries occur in children between the ages of five and nine years old, with boys being affected twice as often as girls. Visit a dentist near me open Saturday after every 6 months for a checkup.


If you have a cavity, your dentist near me is open Saturday will want to see you as soon as possible. That’s because there are a number of factors that can cause complications if not treated quickly. Before booking an appointment, make sure to get in touch with your regular dentist, since they’ll probably have time available in their schedule sooner than their partner offices.

And when you go in for treatment, be sure to bring all relevant documentation with you—even if it’s just emails between you and your doctor or dentist near me open Saturday explaining exactly what happened. The more information they have on hand when they begin treating your tooth, the better prepared they’ll be. You should also ask them about preventive steps you can take going forward to avoid similar issues from happening again. While such procedures may seem pricey up front, they could help save money down the road by preventing expensive treatments (like root canal therapy) altogether. It might sound scary, but rest assured that if you develop pain due to a dental issue, your dentist near me open Saturday will treat it promptly and give you advice on how to avoid similar problems in future. On top of that, knowing precisely what went wrong gives you great peace of mind next time around; at least then we won’t end up repeating our mistakes!

Loose crowns

As you get older, you might notice your bite becoming less stable. This happens because our jaws are getting smaller, which can cause a loose crown to become dislodged and fly off. If you’re in a lot of pain or notice that one of your front teeth has come loose, it’s important to contact us right away—before it falls out on its own and gets lost! The best thing you can do when a crown comes off gives us a call immediately; you don’t want to wait around hoping it will just pop back in. Even if it falls out during dinner or at work, make sure you schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Broken brackets

While there are many causes of tooth pain and sensitivity, one of the most common culprits is trapped food particles under crowns. If you have a crown on your tooth, make sure to brush around it and floss between it and your natural tooth for proper dental hygiene. You can also avoid brushing too hard or using too much pressure when you’re brushing. Your dentist near me open Saturday can examine you at your next visit to see if there are any issues in need of attention or treatment.

Dislodged fillings

If you break a tooth, your dentist will usually want to treat it right away. Not only do they need to replace any missing filling, but they also have to check for structural damage—and then fix that too. If you’re having a tooth removed, and there’s no longer a tooth in its place (say because of an infection), that means bacteria can get into your gums and jaw bone; untreated, it could result in bone death or an infection in your bloodstream. If you’re ever experiencing pain from one of these issues, head straight to your dentist or emergency room for treatment. The best way to avoid all of these problems? Try not breaking any teeth in the first place!

Trapped food particles under crowns

Many people don’t realize that a tooth’s pulp—is the tissue that houses nerves and blood vessels. Can be alive long after its enamel has decayed. If you’re missing a tooth, brushing food into its open hole can irritate those sensitive tissues and even lead to infection. Having your dentist remove any crowns with trapped food will help prevent such complications. If you suspect an emergency, call your dentist as soon as possible; they’ll make sure to see you on a Saturday if need be.

Cracked tooth after root canal treatment

Depending on how a tooth cracked, it may be possible to save it by having a root canal Treatment. However, not all cracked teeth can be saved. For example, can you smoke after a root canal?
A severely cracked tooth that cannot be repaired will have to be extracted and replaced. With an artificial crown or dental implant depending on what options are available for restoring and replacing your lost tooth.


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