Shortlist of Oscar Nominees 2022

oscar shortlist 2022

Oscar shortlist 2022 for those in the film industry is here again. They are commendations given to people to recognize their talent and skills.
There will be a host for the award this year, something which has never happened before. The award committee is yet to release the host’s name.

The nominating categories are:

  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Producing category
  • Directors
  • Makeup artists
  • International movie category
  • OST song category
  • Movie adaptions category
  • Cinematographers
  • Visual effects artists
  • Editors
  • Supporting role categories
  • Documentary category
  • Screenwriters
  • Hairstyles category
  • Costume designers
  • Set designing category
  • CGI category
  • Sound engineers
  • Animators
  • Production Designer, and so on.

Oscar Shortlist 2022

Oscar shortlists 2022 were declared openly by various media channels. People who made the Oscar shortlist 2022 were carefully screened. The committee also followed strict criteria. These criteria include; the production and directional quality of the movie and the acting skills of the actors. Only those who made it to the final 2022 Oscars shortlist will get the award.

Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Top-quality films that were shown online were listed in the Oscar shortlist 2022. They were nominated to be among the best picture nominees. This means that these movies have excellent cinematographies and CGIs. The background themes of the movies were also taken into consideration.

The movies that made it are:

  • Don’t Look Up
  • Drive My Car
  • CODA
  • Dune
  • King Richard
  • Belfast
  • The Power of the Dog
  • Drive My Car
  • Nightmare Alley
  • Licorice Pizza

2022 Oscars Shortlist

To be among those listed in the 2022 Oscars shortlist, movie producers and directors must produce good-quality films.

Oscar Nominations Announcements

Oscar nominations announcements are always made months before the actual Oscar awards. It is the same for Oscar shortlist 2022. The 2022 Oscar nominations announcements were announced by the committee.
Netflix film titled ‘The power of the dog’ is the first on the list. The movie talks about male toxic behaviors and their effect on society. This film got votes more than other nominated movies.
The second movie listed in the Oscar shortlist 2022 is a scientific movie titled ‘Dune’. It was adapted from a scientific novel. The book’s characters and background settings were intricately made. These made people think it would be difficult to adapt the book into a movie. However, its producers and directors proved them wrong and successfully made the novel into a film. Not only that, the movie adaptation, ‘Dune’ was widely received and got many votes from viewers.

The pandemic has made some movie lovers doubt if enough movies will be produced in time for Oscar awards. Those who were in the middle of filming had to pause due to the lockdown. After the lockdown was lifted, several films lost investors due to the bad economy. The investors pulled out because their businesses were affected by the pandemic, and they didn’t have money to spare. All these affected the production quality of movies, which in turn affected their sales value.

However, some big media houses took advantage of this and changed their mode of operation. They transitioned from cinema showings to film streamings. They produced films and streamed them on streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Viki, Viu. Some media firms also created their streaming sites and applications to generate more money.

  • Jane Champion was shortlisted for the best director awards for the movie, ‘The Power of the Dog.’ Jane got two votes. This is the first time for a female director to get more than one vote. Similarly, the movie put her up for the screenplay adaptation award shortlist. In addition, the movie she directed was shortlisted for the best picture category. Jane Champion has already made history in the film industry.
  • Actors Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Andrew Garfield, and others are competing in the same acting category.
  • The film ‘Drive My Car’, got shortlisted for the: international category, best pictures, and the best screenplay award. Director Ryusuke Hamaguchi made the director nominee lists. He directed the ‘drive my car’ movie.
  • Licorice Pizza movie director, Thomas Paul Anderson’s name can be found in the Oscar directing award-nominated lists.
  • Steve Spielberg got shortlisted for the musical movie, ‘Westside Story.’ He has an additional nomination from the film, ‘Belfast.’ Belfast is an adaption film from an autobiographic book. These two movies are found in the best picture nominees lists. Steven Spielberg’s name was among those in the directing award section too.
  • Kenneth Branagh got seven votes for the award shortlist. Kenneth was shortlisted as a director, screenwriter, and producer for the movie, Belfast. The film is an adapted screenplay. Kenneth has been shortlisted once as an actor and a director. If he wins an award this year, it will be added to his award portfolio.
  • Actor Troy Kotsur was shortlisted for the part he played as a hearing-impaired person in the movie, ‘CODA.’ He played alongside actress Marlee Marlin. Marlin won an Oscar award for the role she played as a physically challenged person. Both Marlin and Troy have physically challenged persons in real life.
  • Movie star Jessie Buckley was featured in the movie, ‘The Lost Daughters and was shortlisted in the acting section.
  • Husband and wife duo; Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, were shortlisted for the acting category. Their roles in the movie ‘Being the Ricardos’ got them nominated.
  • William Crawley’s role in ‘Being the Ricardos’ movie earned him a shortlist spot in the acting section.
  • JK. Simmons was also selected to be a nominee in the acting section for his part in the I Love Lucy movie.
  • Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst are romantically involved in real life. They both acted in the movie ‘The Power of the Dog.’ This movie got them in the supporting acting nominee category.
  • Unexpectedly, celebrities like Lady Gaga, Denis Villeneuve, Catriona Balfe were not on the list. Films like ‘spider man and ‘no way home’ didn’t also make the list despite their popularity among viewers. This could reduce the amount of popularity Oscar enjoys from voters and movie lovers.

In conclusion, Oscar shortlists 2022 contained a list of seasoned and new movie professionals.
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