Facial Plastic Surgery and its its Treatment Options

facial plastic surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is crucial as the differential expression of our face help us to interact and link with each other. It would be best if you remembered our appearance is very impactful, so we need to be presentable. If you feel uncomfortable with any flaws of your face, find a solution to settle down the problem, Facial plastic surgery is an excellent option to enhance your beauty. Cosmetic treatment follows the surgical and non-surgical way to bring out the best version of you. However, it is essential to make a correct diagnosis before applying the knife.

Most women, even men, also face the signs of aging with increasing age. These are due to multiple external and internal factors. We can observe facial abnormalities, including droopy eyelids, hyperpigmentation, birthmark, and genetic spots. However, multiple conditions, including oxidative stress, excessive sun exposure, UVA and UV B, and multiple facial traumata, absorb the natural health of the face. All of these problems can be corrected with a different kind of cosmetic surgery, which is invasive and non-invasive. An experienced board-certified surgeon performs each procedure.

How facial plastic surgery works?

ENT refers to the ear, nose, and throat. The doctor who diagnoses the problem of ENT is called an ENT specialist or OTOLARYNGOLOGIST. They treat all kinds of diseases and condition deals with the neck, ear, complete face, lips.

The OTOLARYNGOLOGY is categorized into two different parts such as reconstructive and cosmetic. Both of these falls under plastic surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery is the treatment for a patient who has suffered from an abnormal condition since birth. Reconstructive surgery corrects congenital disabilities, including facial birthmarks, crooked nose or defective smile, cleft lip, and palate functionally and aesthetically.

Another abnormal condition that comes from accidents, burns, Trauma, and other previous surgery can also be rectified with this kind of surgery. With the help of growing medical science, skin cancer can be treatable with tissue reconstruction surgery.

On the other hand, cosmetic plastic surgery recovers the visual appearance of the facial structure and features. Common aesthetic procedures are breast implant, breast enlargement, rhinoplasty face and neck lift, cheek implant, Botox, derma fillers, chemical peeling, liposuction, fat transfer body contouring technique.

Different kinds of plastic surgery treatment?

There is multiple procedures intend to improve different part your face.

A chemical peel, microdermabrasion, and Botox injections are implemented to wipe out the signs of aging. Dermal fillers are an excellent technique to enhance the volume of your face. The tattooing microblading technique brings beautiful eyebrows, and eyelid surgery corrects the presence of droopy eyes; all of these are non-surgical or minimally surgical procedures to enhance your beauty. The downtime of these procedures is less, and you will get results within 3-4 days.

Invasive cosmetic procedures are mentioned below:

Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty

It is the most difficult but very common plastic surgery procedure performed worldwide to correct the multiple defects of the nose. It is capable of correcting extrinsic and intrinsic nasal complications to rectify unfavorable aesthetic presence. The surgery can decrease the airway obstruction due to inferior turbinate hypertrophy, septal deviation, fractured nasal bone, slim internal nasal valve area. The cosmetic surgeon reconstructs congenital nasal abnormalities. He corrects inside and outside parts of the nose where cartilage, bone involves. Both of them enhance the appearance as well as the functions of the nose. At the rhinoplasty, the complete structure, including nasal skin, cartilage, bony tissue, subcutaneous soft tissue, and mucous membrane, is reconstructed in a new form.


It is the medical term of upper and lower eyelid surgery to rectify the anomalies of drooping eyelids and the appearance of the eyes. Eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty deal with the excision of the excess eyelid skin and deletion of orbital fat to cure dermatochalasis. Droopy eyes are the symbol of aging linked to pre-orbital appearance. Blepharochalasis is the excess thin layer of skin on eyelids.

Browlift surgery

Droopy eyebrows and wrinkled foreheads are the symbol of aging and oxidative stress. Forehead, eyebrow lifting is a crucial part of facial cosmetic surgery practice. The technique is comparatively easy in the modern approach where excess subcutaneous fat and skin part are modified, and the remaining part is repositioned perfectly.

The surgical cut or incision is done with a coronal line within the scalp with hair. A trichophytic incision is suitable for the patient with larger hairlines. These two options are mostly performed in women.


Now laser treatment is well accepted in medical science. The treatment is popular because e it is a minimally invasive procedure along with no scars. Laser treatment does not cause bleeding and Trauma. The procedure is not painful. You can expect a speedy recovery. There are two different kinds of laser therapy available ablative and non-ablative therapy.

We have discussed all kinds of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery corrects the functions and appearance of the organ. Now rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery has become celebrity cosmetic surgery. Most of the celebrity prefer nose job to enhance their beauty.


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