Keep Fruit Juice Fresh and Healthy with Vacuum Bottle

People love to have fruit juices these days than having colas and other fizzy drinks.

The health -conscious especially like to have a proper balance of exercising and eating right. They understand the importance of a good immune system and know that freshly prepared juices help in boosting it. The fresh fruit and vegetable juices are loaded with various minerals, enzymes, and vitamins which help in multiple ways. Besides boosting immunity, they help in weight loss, cleansing the internal body systems, supplying the required minerals to the body, etc.

The cold-pressed juices are considered the best as they can retain the vitamins, minerals, enzymes better. They also have the fiber content in it which is good for proper digestion and having a feeling of satiety. Though the best way to consume juice is to drink it as soon as it is made but that’s not always feasible. You need to store it at times, and it should be stored correctly or else the trouble you took in selecting the right fruits, vegetables, and juicer, and in making juice, would be futile.

If you take all care to choose the cooking appliances properly, it’s important to see that the food made using them is also stored properly. If you store the juice in a normal jug or glass, then the nutrients present in it oxidizes and it is as good as drinking a glass of plain water. Thus, you should also be careful in storing it so that it remains fresh and loaded with its nutrients. Here’s how you can do it.

Use Vacuumed Bottles to Store:

  • To ensure that the juice remains as good as freshly prepared, store it in a vacuum bottle. A see-through vacuumed bottle will be a better option as you don’t need to open it to see what’s inside thus exposing the juice.

  • Use the bottles that are designed in a way that they can be placed easily in the refrigerator. Leaving the bottle outside might spoil the juice after a few hours if it’s hot. In the refrigerator, the juice will last for even 1-2 days in the vacuum bottle though you should always try to consume it as soon as you can.

  • The vacuum bottle that you use to store the juice should be of glass or good grade plastic. Normally, maintaining glass bottles is difficult hence plastic bottles are preferred for their durability. In a good grade plastic bottles leaching of harmful chemicals won’t happen and juice will remain good and healthy.

  • Also, see that the vacuum bottle you are using to store is compact so that you can carry it around easily if required. Clean the bottle thoroughly after every use so that no juice particle is left behind as it can ruin the juice when you pour in it the next time.

Keep your fruit juice fresh and healthy by buying the right kind of vacuum bottle and maintaining it properly. That way you can keep enjoying the many benefits of freshly and hygienically prepared juice.


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