How To Improve Oral Communication Of Kindergarten Students?

Top 4 Fun Activities to Boost Oral Communication of Kindergartner

Early years of the life of children set the foundation of their whole life. If they do not get proper facilities and attention, it can significantly impact their personality as well as development. Communication is an important part of the life of human beings, which is even more essential in practical life. This aspect needs attention from the point of kindergarten.

The UAE is following the suite of the western countries to reform its educational sector. The country has achieved success in every field of life and is now directing its attention to improve the quality of education. Kindergarten education is an important part of this reform plan. The schools are including facilities and highly qualified staff to ensure a smooth learning environment for students.

The Emirati parents mostly trust and enroll their children in American schools to ensure their smooth development and skills boosting. Oral communication skills of the child are also an important part of this.

This article will shed light on some of the ways kindergarten schools can utilize to improve the oral communication skills of children.

Top 4 fun activities to boost Oral Communication of Kindergartner

Most of the students in kindergarten are too sad or too shy to talk. They keep missing their parents and do not like to interact with other kids or people. However, it is the responsibility of the teachers and school to ensure the students get out of their comfort zone and accept their surroundings.

The following are some fun activities that kindergarten teachers can use to boost the oral communication of students.

1. Phone a Friend

The very first activity to boost oral communication among kindergartners is phone a friend. Copying their parents is one of the favorite hobbies of children, and imitating them while calling is an important part of it. Make the children call a friend and carry on a conversation. It will help them get distracted by their surroundings, as well as get comfortable with it.

2. Story Telling

The second fun activity that can motivate the oral communication of young children is storytelling. Stories are also quite popular among the kids. So, make the children sit in a circle and show them a few interesting pictures. After that, ask every child to tell the story related to it. You can also ask them to make the stories, which will also boost their creativity.

3. Emotional Charade

The third fun activity of addressing the oral communication issue of the kindergarten students is to play the game of emotional charade. Distribute cards depicting different moods and expressions, or utilize a projector to display pictures. Ask the students to imitate the picture and describe the emotion. It will improve not only oral communication but also boost the emotional vocabulary of students.

4. Reenact Kids’ Movies

One of the most important fun activities to improve oral communication of kindergarten students is to make them reenact kids’ movies. In this modern era, there are a number of animated movies created for kids, as well as special characters that have the heart of children. Play any movie and let the children enjoy it. After that, ask them to reenact it, which will help them communicate with others.

Is your child too shy to speak?

It can impact his/her personality, so you need to ensure that he/she learns sound communication skills. You can enroll your child in the kindergarten school Sharjah and ensure that your child learns oral communication through fun activities. You can also ensure your child learns all the other necessary skills according to his/her age.

So, make the best choice for the bright future of your child now!


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