Must-Know How Urologist Help You To Lead A Normal Life


Urology is the study of the urinary system of the human body. A urologist takes care of any ailments that affect this system and also others caused due to specific abnormalities of the same. Though the subject may seem unpleasant to some, it is essential to understand its value in our lives. One needs to be open-minded enough to discuss any problems with their doctor to avoid further complications.

The patients can utilize the services of the best urologist in India at Shalby hospital, also the best Urology hospital in India. They can get treatment for the simplest of problems to the most complex of the issues related to the urinary system from the experienced panel of doctors here. There are several conditions that you might face in your life that will lead to the intervention of a urologist. The problems could be identified by the simple fact of not being able to pass urine the way you usually do. It could be indicative of several associated problems. A urologist helps us to get relief from these problems in the most effective manner.

Facing the Problem

If you do experience discomfort of any kind when passing urine, you must consider visiting a doctor and get your doubts cleared. If there is a problem, the urologist can advise you about the treatment path. If not, you will gain peace of mind. If you delay a visit to the doctor due to hesitation in talking about your problem, you could be inviting more significant issues that could impact your life as well as your medical bills.

Kidney Stones

These are the most commonly known cause of obstruction of the cleansing system of our body. When small, the stones could pass through with the urine, but as they remain inside and grow in size, you would need a urologist to intervene and get them out of your system. The specialist would need to study your blood reports and scans to pinpoint the problem and suggest the best solution for relief.

Prostate Gland

It could also result in abnormal behavior of the urinary system in men, especially in older males. It is widespread for men to be affected by the enlarged prostate gland. The impact is heightened in those with an added diabetic condition. When a male is affected by the enlarged prostate gland, he might experience substantial blockage when trying to pass urine. If you feel that you are facing a similar issue, a urologist is the right person to help you. Visit a urologist and talk to him about your problem. The sooner you visit, the earlier you would get relieves of the problem.

Bladder Cancer

It is another problem for which one must visit a urologist. The earlier it is detected, the better and hence you must be alert to any symptoms and not take them lightly. The abnormal multiplication of the transitional cells in the bladder is the cause of this ailment. Smoking and use of tobacco are considered to be the leading causes of this type of cancer. If you do have these habits and feel any discomfort in passing urine, you must consult a urologist as soon as possible. It is more common in males, and when detected, the treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men facing this problem often go through a myriad of psychological issues as they are apprehensive about discussing their problems with others. It leads to decreased self-confidence and dissatisfaction in their sex life. A urologist is an expert who can help you overcome the problem with the right treatment. You can certainly get back to having a healthy sex life if you choose not to worry about society and associated myths. It would help if you also were wary of treatments from the so-called ‘Babas’.


While bedwetting is expected from babies, it is not acceptable in children and grown-ups. It does not seem very kind to parents if they wet the bed. They do try hard and try to ensure that the children develop habits that would help in avoiding the scenario. But, what they must realize is that no child does so intentionally. It is not only disconcerting for the parents but also the child. The child is just as embarrassed and avoids visiting others at their homes. These cases could be having roots in a problem that can be successfully handled by a urologist. If such a source is ruled out, you may need to approach a counsellor, but the urologist must be the first stage.

There is nothing to be worried about if you suffer from any of the problems discussed above. These are nothing but physiological issues that must be taken care of. It is a good thing that the urologists can understand the problems and help you live a quality life by providing real solutions.


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